How much damage did mount katmai do?

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has mount katmai did any damage

What is Katmai?

Katmai can mean: 1. Mt. Katmai - A volcano in Alaska. 2. Katmai National Park and Preserver - A national park surrounding said volcano. 3. The codename for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 4. The codename for the core of the first Pentium III processor.

What does katmai mean?

The word katmai appears to be Haitian. However, there is not alisted definition of this word and no translation into English.

What damage has mount etna caused?

etna causes alot of damage.It ruins close by city's and can kill humans, animals and trees.What you dont know it erupts quite alot its very active but since there only small erruption it cause bearly or sometimes not any damage.

What was the distruction of the Katmai Volcano?

Only ten people died because of Mt. Katmai. (All were from exposure of gases) It exploded in a sparsely populated area in the Alaska Panhandle. There is nothing more than that. The caldera collapsed and filled up with water forming a lake and that's the end of that.

What are some damages caused by mount pelee?

When Mount Pelee erupted on May 8, 1902 just before 8am, huge clouds of hot gasses hung up in the air and had the temperature of at least 1000 c!!! within minutes... the city St. Pierre was in ruins. :( Two inhabitants were dead

What year did mount katmai erupt in?

Mt. Katmai erupted in 1912 but it was actually Mt. Novarupta that erupted. The pressure made Katmai collapse and the pressure went to Novarupta and that mountain really blew. The eruption lasted 60 hours.

How much damage was caused by Mount Tambora?

A lot of damage was caused. About 90,000 people in total died. It caused some tsunamis when the pyroclastic flows hit the water. It also generated some earthquakes and whirlwinds. The ashes destroyed plants and crop failure was among the people of Indonesia. The dusts and ashes still remained and tr (MORE)

Was there damage in mount paricutin?

Mount Paricutin is labeled as a monogenetic volcano. Eruptionscaused damage to crops, and the villages Paricutin and San Juanwere buried in ash and lava. The citizens of these villages wereforced to relocate.

Damage cause of Mount Tambora?

Well, all vegetation on the was killed leaving many people to starve to death and approximately 92000 people were killed.

How did Katmai get its name?

Mount Katmai got it's name from all of the debris and ash it spewand erupted; hence the new name of the valley it's located in:Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

How much damage has Mount Stromboli done?

sorry i do not know but wiki answers is the worst so i suggest you do not ever come to this website ever again because they so not even have all the real answers thank you

Did Mount St Helens produce major environmental damage?

Yes, Mt. St. Helens did cause great environmental damage, after it erupted it covered the cities of Chehalis,Centrailia, and many other areas, it cause people to have breathing issues and many plants to die because of its lack of oxygen and how the ashes created a thick film over the plants which ca (MORE)

What type of damages did Mount Rainier do?

Mt.Rainer is yes a very violent volcano. hi i am Emily and i am eleven and i go to lake castle private school. i am young but i do know alot. people come on here and think they know everything. i don't mean to be a snob but they so. if you do research like i did u would really know. i took the las (MORE)

How much damage does an H-bomb do?

The biggest one that had ever made was 57 megatons or 57,000,000 tons of tnt or you could ge t a third degree burn from 63 miles away.

How much damage can Anthrax do?

Anthrax can be fatal. Historically, anthrax was only picked up from animal hairs such as wool. An outbreak among woolen workers in Manchester, New Hampshire (1957) killed 9 workers. Today, anthrax in humans is seen mainly in developing countries. However, in the last few years it has been introduced (MORE)

How much damage can a bat do to the face?

Well it depends on how strong the force if it was a strong blow it could leave permanent deformities on the face with the bone structures might have concaved inside your skull with the fact you could be blind it the bone fragments hit your eyes or with such force your eyes will give way by the force (MORE)

How much damage does superpower do in Pokemon?

The move superpower does not exist yet, they were going to make it for Keldeo and the swords of justice, but they rejected 2 weeks before. If you mean the one with Machoke and Machamp, it does 120, normal ATC damage. If with LYP, it'll do either 60 or 150, BGH, 90 only.

How much damage was there in christchurch after the earthquake?

Quite a lot of buildings got damaged. The church had a hole in the roof. In the centre of Christchurch, a few buildings had collapsed. I don't really know any more. This is all I know. Do you have Animal Crossing Community? If so, my username is aimee1997. I'll chat to youon there!

How much damage can tornados do?

It varies widely. Some tornadoes stay in open fields and cause not damage. Weak tornadoes (EF0 or EF1) cause minor to moderate damage, damaging roofs, breaking windows, and overturning trailers. The most violent tornadoes (EF4 or EF5) are devastating. Well built houses are completely demolished. I (MORE)

How much Ibuprofen will damage the stomach?

As with many medications Ibuprofen is safe in small amounts. (For me) it became prolonged exposure that damaged my stomach severly. Over the courst of 3 years after a TBI I have bad migraines and was taking up to 18 200mg Ibuprofen daily. Up until about 6 months ago my doctor said "never again" and (MORE)

How much damage will straightening do to your hair?

Straightening it every once in a while is ok, but straightening it everyday for say 2 weeks will make your hair develop split ends. If you only straighten once in a while, and trim your hair everymonth, your hair should stay healthy.

When was mount Katmai last eruption?

The largest eruption in the world this century occurred in 1912 at ... wide and triggered the collapse of Mount Katmai volcano 10 kilometers away to form a ...

How much damage did last eruption of mount fuji do?

The last eruption of Mt. Fuji was in 1707-1708. The eruption released cinder, ash, "bombs", and mud but strangely no lava. The eruption destroyed 72 homes and 2 temples but there were oddly no fatalities due to the eruption.

Do mountain doctors cause damage to Mount Everest?

I dont think so. There main work is in the Khumbu Icefall, keeping a path open for the climbers and making it as safe as possible. The Icefall is moving all the time and is a very dangerous place to be.

What damage do mount shasta do today?

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