How much did Muhammad ali weight in his fights?

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for his pro debut in 1960, he weighed 192 pounds.

against liston in '64 he weighed 210

against frazier in '71 he was 210

against foreman in '74, he was 216

against ernie shavers he was 225

against Larry Holmes, he drained himself making 217, and in his last fight against berbick, he was 236.
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How much did Muhammad Ali get paid to fight George Foreman?

Ali and Foreman got $5 million each. Don King had just began his professional career as promoter and he managed to generate the $10 million by asking Zaire's president Mob

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in 1974?

Ali has two fights in 1974. The first was again Joe Frazier ( their 2nd fight) on January 28th,1974 at Madison Square Garden, New York. Ali won a 12 round unanimous decision

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in the Olympics?

Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay as he was then known defeated these opponents at the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960. 30th Aug,1960.Defeated Yvon Becot of Belgium.Referee stoppe

How much fights did Muhammad ali win?

Ali won 56 fights, 37 inside the distance. he lost 5 fights, 3 of which he avenged (two of them twice) and the last two defeats were his last two fights when he was only a sha

Did Muhammad ali have a fight record?

amateur record = 100 wins against 5 losses pro record = 56 wins (37 ko's) against 5 losses (1ko) 3 of those losses he avenged, and the last two were his last two fight.

Did Muhammad Ali fight a sumo?

Antonio Inoki was the opponent in question, and He was a wrestler, not a sumo. it took place in Tokyo, March 1976 for which ali was paid a reported $6 million. ali took a lot

Why did Muhammad Ali refuse to fight?

I assume you mean why didn't he go to Vietnam? He was a conscientious objector to the war, and didn't believe in killing other people (even though he wouldn't have been in com
In Prophet Muhammad

What motivated Muhammad ali to fight?

what motivated mihammad to fight was his parents because they were in bad condition and he wanted them to get better and he wanted them to become famous with him.