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Cost of Vietnam War The Vietnam War ended up costing the US around $584 billion.
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  • $30 billion in 1969
  • The real cost of Vietnam? For 58,000 Americans it cost them everything: The chance to ever see their families again, their chance to have a future, their chance to laugh, to cry, to have kids and grandkids, the chance to work at a job and experience life - all gone. For those of us who survived: The nights when you wake up with a flashback when you can still smell the burning flesh or remember the blood that splattered on you from a friend that you were talking to as an enemy's bullet hits him in the head. The terrible stomach problems that you endure because of Agent Orange and the VA will not recognize that its cause because the chemical makers have so much clout. The PTSD that makes people around you wonder what is wrong with you, the limp you have because a mine destroyed a leg. The real cost of the war? Far beyond $133 Billion.
  • The financial cost of the Vietnam War was $111 billion.
  • I believe that the cost of the Vietnam War was $133 billon dollars. This war did affect our economy but, not as severely as World War 2.

Can we be more specific about if that money includes the money we gave to France to support their efforts to colonize Vietnam after WW2?

FYI The US government is borrowing more money in one month than what the entire Vietnam War cost over 10ish years! Now obviously Present economy much bigger and we've had 34 years of inflation, but one could draw a conclusion that the current financial crisis is only just beginning! The total US debt could be pushing 100 trillion (of which some cost from Vietnam could still be part of the present total debt)! Vietnam (along with oil shocks) created the inflation of the 70's and it was tiny compared to todays debt...
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Who owned Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

France owned Vietnam until they pulled out in the 1950's, and the US stepped in. After that, Vietnam was divided like Korea into Communist North and non-Communist South, but N

How much did the civil war cost?

About 8 billion dollars

How much does it cost for a Vietnam cruise?

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How much did the Gulf War cost?

it cost the united states $61.1 billion dollars

How much did the Vietnam war cost the US?

You ask a challenging question; the answer depends upon how you do the accounting. There are a lot of different "costs" being reported by different sources, many of whom did n

What were the effects of the Vietnam War on Vietnam?

The Vietnam War caused the breakdown of many families and also a breakdown of the Vietnamese culture. Thousands upon thousands of children were orphaned during the war and end

Was the costs of the US fighting in the Vietnam war worth it?

No. The cost to the United States for fighting the Vietnam war was not worth it. The United States gained absolutely nothing as a result of fighting the war. A number of men w

How much money did the US give to Vietnam during the war?

  The US spent approximately 120 billion in 1960/1970 dollars fighting the Vietnam War. Besides construction, medical/food supplies, those funds were spent on: T-28 Trojan

Why was the US in so much debt after the Vietnam War?

  With out money, one cannot afford to fight wars, said Frederick the Great, an 18th century Prussian King. We lost over 2,000 expensive fixed wing aircraft at nearly a mi