How much does 1 Space Shuttle external tank cost?

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According to a report on the SpaceRef web site linked below as 'Lockheed Martin Awarded External Tank Contract', NASA has a contract with Lockheed Martin, New Orleans, that totals $2.94 billion to build 17 external tanks through Sept. 2010. That comes out to be an average price of around $170 million per tank.

However, the report mentioned above is about an addition to the external tank contract, so it may be a misprint and the 17 external tanks may be additional tanks added to take the contact to the end of the shuttle program. According to the reference linked below as 'The Assembly and Production of the External Tank', each tank costs about $55 million as of 1995.

Later tanks, called the Super Light-Weight Tanks (SLWT) cost around $5 million more than the earlier version, the Light-Weight Tank. The SLWT costs more because they use an aluminum/lithium alloy that is more expensive and harder to work than earlier materials. By making the tank lighter, the shuttle is able to carry a heavier payload. This change allowed the shuttle to meet the payload requirements for construction of the International Space Station.
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How much does space shuttle fuel cost?

It uses 610 tons of liquid oxygen and 100 tons of liquid hydrogen, which at market prices cost in total about US$ 200,000. The solid fuel boosters use a fuel for which there is no market price, but in total all the liquid and solid fuels used do no exceed one or two million dollars. NASA, however, s (MORE)

How much do space shuttles cost?

The amount of money it costs is 1.7 billion dollars for a space shuttle (only one). . According to NASA's Human Space Flight web site FAQ's, cost at $1.7 billion. . It also depends on the model that it is. .

How much does the space shuttle weigh?

The Space Shuttle weighs 165,000 pounds empty and with the Shuttle, external tank, solid rocket boosters and all the fuel combined the total weight is 4.4 million pounds. The Shuttle can also carry a 65,000 pound payload.

Do the Apollo mission space shuttles consist of a rust-colored external tank and two white slender solid rocket boosters and the orbiter?

The Apollo and space shuttle programs refer to two different NASA programs, not the same one. . The Apollo missions used Saturn rockets; mainly Saturn V and predated the shuttle by around 10 years.. The Saturn V was a three stage rocket; white with black "go faster" striping. The Apollo spacecraf (MORE)

How much does each space shuttle launch cost?

See The total cost of the shuttle program is estimated to be $185,000 billion (in 2009 dollars) when the shuttle retires in 1010. Per-launch costs can be measured by dividing the total cost over the life of the program (including buildin (MORE)

Why don't they paint the large fuel tank on the space shuttle?

The external tank was painted white for the first two space shuttle launches (STS-1 and STS-2). The paint was abandoned for two reasons. 1) After both launches, large pieces of paint had been observed flaking off due to booster ignition vibration (ignition shock). To prevent possible damage to th (MORE)

How much fuel does a space shuttle use?

The external fuel tank caries 146,182 US gallons of liquid oxygen and 395,582 US gallons of liquid hydrogen to fuel the orbiter's main engines. Each of the 2 Solid Rocket Boosters each contains 1,100,000 pounds of propellent consisting of ammonium percholate, iron oxide, and aluminum. Electrical p (MORE)

How much do space shuttle astronauts get paid?

not sure there are two different scales that i know of GS-12 can earn up to $65,000+ a year. Gs-13 $96,700+ a year depending on experience and commitment to the job and how long you have been doing it you can be earning up to $114, 000+ year. Starter astronaughts earn $175.00 a day. Not to s (MORE)

How much memory is there on the space shuttle computer?

The five general purpose computers (GPCs) on the space shuttle only have about 1 megabyte of memory. Although 1 megabyte might not seem like much by today's standards, the computers run very efficiently. Because the space shuttle's computers do not require a complex graphic interface or any of the m (MORE)

What is an external fuel tank on a space shuttle?

The External Tank (ET) on the US Space Shuttle is what holds the fuel for the space shuttles main engines. The tank is the large rust colored structure under the belly of the Space Shuttle and between the two Solid-Rocket-Boosters. While the ET is the largest part of what lifts-off with the shuttle, (MORE)

What happens to and where does the external fuel tank go after a shuttle takes off?

The external tank is jettisoned from the Orbiter less than a minute after main engine cut off (MECO which occurs about eight minutes after launch). The tank does not enter or leave Earth orbit. It is maneuvered such that it's trajectory will take it to an unoccupied area of either the Pacific or Ind (MORE)

How much does a space shuttles height?

The Space Shuttles still in use by NASA are the Discovery, the Endeavor, and the Atlantis. Each of them is 184 feet long. Each of these space shuttles' orbiters is 122 feet long.

What is theAverage cost of launching a space shuttle?

The average cost of a space shuttle launch is approx $450 million. That is if we limit our costs to the resources used up by each launch and we ignore the investment costs. If we want to include investment costs then, with the entire space shuttle programme, costing somewhere in the region of $150 b (MORE)

Why does a space shuttle need a tank of oxygen?

because there is no, repeat NO oxygen in outer space. since oxygen is the gas we live on, we need it to keep our heart pumping. And since there's no oxygen in space, therefore you need a supply of oxygen brought from earth.

Why aren't the space shuttle external tanks used as pieces of the space station?

\n. as far as i know they burn up on reentry,but it would seem if small booster rockets had been used to get them to orbit after detachment from shuttle then they may have been used to build a cylindrical station by connecting external fuel tanks,considering the number of fuel tanks that went up w (MORE)

Why does a space shuttle have a tank containing oxygen?

Because fifty years of secret human and animal experimentation, in laboratories, under water, and in space, have led to the inescapable conclusion, with which there are no longer any dissenters, that human astronauts are more productive, more alert, more efficient, and generally happier, and l (MORE)

How much does a used space shuttle cost?

NASA is not selling them. The Discovery is going to the Smithsonian. The Atlantis, Endeavour and Enterprise orbiters will be donated to other museums; about 20 museums have submitted proposals. Each museum must cover the cost of preparing and transporting the orbiter, about $28.8 million.

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