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How much does Bill Gates make per year month week day hour minute and second?

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Bill Gates earns £3,356,100,000 (£3.4 billion approx) a year,
which is £279 765 000 (£279.7 approx) Million a month,
which is £62 150 000 million a week,
which is £8 878 571.43p million a day
which is £369 940.48p thousand an hour,
which is £6 165.67pa minute,
which is £102.76 a second.

(This is for a 7 day week and a 24 hour day. A 5 day work week and an 8 hour work day would give different values.)

Note that as founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill and Melinda have donated enormous amounts of the the money they earn to internationally recognized causes.

please note also that he earns the money in $ so it may be slightly inaccurate and my calculations are roughly rounded
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