How much does a 5-gallon water jug filled with pennies weigh?

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176 pounds
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How much change to fill a 5 gallon water jug?

I filled a 1-gallon jug w/ mixed pocket change a few times and it worked out to be about $ 410 per gallon. . I filled one with no pennys and it amounted to $1550 yeah!

How many pennies in a 5 gallon water jug?

Because one penny weighs 0.006250lb or .002 Kilograms and the accuracy of the household scale is +/- 100th, then If you are using Kilograms, then Number of pennies +/- 10

How much does a five gallon water jug filled with change weigh?

There's no specific answer because coins are different sizes and weights. For example, large dollar coins will not pack as tightly as small dimes, so there will be a lot mo

How much money in quarters will fill a 5 gallon jug?

1 pound of quarters is $20. Based on the space used in the jug, the amount of quarters inside can vary, but it should be slightly above 200 lbs. This means that a 5 gallon jug

How much money in pennies will fill up a 5 gallon water jug?

If you divide the volume of the container by the volume of a penny, you get 52,575 pennies, or $525.75. Obviously this is a high estimate considering there will be significant
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How much does the water weigh in a one gallon jug?

Answer: . Weight of 1 US Gallon of water = approx. 8.35 lb Weight of 1 imperial gallon (eg UK measure) of water weighs 10 pounds by definition, at a specified temperature a
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How much does a jug water weigh?

Depends entirely on the size of the jug and what it is made of, there is no standard size It depends on the size of the jug and how much the jug weighs.