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Q: If you put a person in a barrel of water will it weigh more or less than if the barrel was filled with only water?
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How much pounds are one barrel?

If you filled a British Beer Barrel with water, it would weigh 163kg, or 359lb. If you have a barrel that you want to know the volume of, then we need to know the height, the radius of the widest part, and the raduis of the top. For other barrel sizes, look at

Which container could hold 80 000 milliliters?

A pretty large one, since filled with water it would weigh 80 kg, about the same as an average human. A barrel, maybe?

How does one barrel weight?

A standard barrel (Drum) is 55 gallons, therefore if the barrel is full of water it would weigh 440 pounds. An oil barrel is smaller and holds only 40 gallons and weigh apx 280 lbs as petroleum is lighter than water

If you have 2 10pound buckets one filled with water and one filled with apples which weighs the most?

they would weigh the same

Is a water bottle filled with water weigh more than a pair of scissors?

No it weighs much more!!

Why does putting a balloon filled with helium into an empty 10 pound barrel make it weigh less?

Helium has a lower density than air, therefore replacing the air in the barrel with helium decreases the mass of the barrel system thus the weight is decreased.

How much does a 5-gallon water jug filled with pennies weigh?

176 pounds

How much does a 1 L bottle weigh in capacity?

Depends what is is filled with. Water? Sand? Rice?

How much does a 10ml graduated cylinder filled with water weigh?

Depends on the weight of the glass. The water weighs 10 grams if filled to the 10 ml mark - more if overfilled, of course.

What needs to be added to a barrel of water weighs 20 pounds to make it weigh 121 pounds?

Another 12.625 gallons of water!

A barrel of water weighs 20 pounds What would you add to make it weigh 12 pounds?


How much does 100' of 3 hose filled with water weigh?

With couplings, 110 lbs