How much does a M4 carbine cost?

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New, just over $500.

I've seen used in very good condition for $300.

You can't find a good M4 upper for $500 let alone an entire rifle. You'll be looking at around $1000 total.
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How much for m4 carbine?

The TRUE M4 carbine is a select fire weapon, and is not available for sale to private persons. The M-16 is also select fire, but some were registered with the BATF prior to th

Can a civilian own a M4 Carbine?

Yes. There are many versions of the M4 Carbine available for civilian purchase. But you have to have a permit for it to be full automatic. Semi automatic AR-15 style rifles ar

What are the characteristics of M4 Carbine?

The M4 Carbine is a LIGHT WEIGHT, GAS OPERATED, AIR COOLED, MAGAZINE FED, SHOULDER FIRED weapon.. Maximum Effective Range : [point target: 500 meters, Area Target: 600 mete

How much does a m4 cost?

The cheapest you will be able to find one is about $800-900 (every once and a great while you may find one cheaper). Most run about $1200-1600 with high end models running int

Was the M4 carbine used in Vietnam?

No... the M4 carbine didn't enter production until 1984. The sometimes problematic predecessor of the M4 - the XM177 - was used in Vietnam, however.
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Where can you buy a M4 Carbine?

Very few transferrable ones were made prior to the Firearm Owner's Protection Act of 1986 (the legislation which, among other things, prohibited the continued manufacture of f
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Is the m4 carbine gas operated?

Yes, as are most AR-15 variants and clones from Eugene Stoner's original design. Gases are vented from the gas block located under the front sight post on the barrel through t