How much does a marijuana possession charge effect jobs?

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New Answer: The occupational implications of a possession of marijuana charge vary drastically depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the state the offense was committed in, the amount of marijuana possessed, the plea entered by the defendant, and the punishment assessed. If the possession charge was classified as a misdemeanor, and the defendant plead no contest and served a period of probation, they could file a petition for order of nondisclosure with the state. If the defendant was convicted, and served a period of probation, they may have the conviction "set aside" by the state. If the defendant was, however, convicted of the crime and served a jail sentence rather than serving probation, they essentially have no options. Consequently, one's occupational future can be dramatically impacted. It will surely hinder their chances at finding ideal employment. As a general rule of thumb, your level of desire to obtain a specific job correlates with that job's level of willingness to hire a convicted drug offender. Ergo, the best jobs typically go to those with clean records. Take it from the horse's mouth... I was convicted of possession of marijuana in Texas, served jail time, and now I've come to realize I'm basically screwed. My degree is essentially useless as my field is largely government controlled and my record, from when I was 21 years old, precludes my employability. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Perhaps your path will be a little less rocky than mine has been.
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