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If you release an album you earn about $48million + depends how well the album goes $US 47million sometimes billion!
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How much should you pay your wedding musicians?

According to The Wedding Report (focused on statistics in the Wedding Industry), wedding couples in 2008 paid anywhere from $245 to $847 for wedding musicians. I don't know wh

How much money do you make for musician?

That depends on how famous you get (not how good you are). Fame pays handsomely, especially in pop music.

How much do a musician make per year?

It really depends on how popular said artist is. Most of the money that artists make is from either Merchandise sales or ticket sales at concerts. The average musician/band ma

How much does the average musician get paid?

  The normal pay of a musician can be from 0$-50,000. Depending on the type, style, and structure.   The normal pay of a musician can be from 0$-50,000. Depending on

How much should you pay a musician at a funeral?

if you like his style of playing he should get paid between $150.00-$200.00 for the service. A musician is working long before he gets to his performance, what you hear and ex

How much money does a musician make?

if you were a famous musician you would make about £50,000 a concert! Or if you were a street musician you would maybe make about £78-£100.

How much do philharmonic musicians get paid?

Some union musicians can make $250 per gig or more. Depends too on where the locality of the orchestra is ... some regions pay more, some pay lots less.

How much do you pay a musician for concert?

It depends. Is this a famous musician, a well-known musician, or an unknown? You get what you pay for. Some can command hundreds of thousands of dollars for a concert. Some ar

How much money do classical musicians make?

Depends on lots of factors: geographical area - some regions can (and do) pay lots more than others.musician experience - those with more experience can command better pay.in

How much do musicians earn?

  It all depends...I play saxophone for weddings and corporate events. I get paid around $175 to $250 an hour with the average gig lasting around 2hrs. However, I only hav