How much does a musician earn?

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If you release an album you earn about $48million + depends how well the album goes $US 47million sometimes billion!
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How much money does a musician make?

if you were a famous musician you would make about £50,000 a concert! Or if you were a street musician you would maybe make about £78-£100.

How much do musicians earn?

It all depends...I play saxophone for weddings and corporate events. I get paid around $175 to $250 an hour with the average gig lasting around 2hrs. However, I only have arou

How much do you pay a musician for concert?

It depends. Is this a famous musician, a well-known musician, or an unknown? You get what you pay for. Some can command hundreds of thousands of dollars for a concert. Some ar

What are potential earnings for musicians?

The potential earnings for musicians really depends on the level ofskill and area of art they go into. Some musicians can makemillions while others will only make tens of thou

What is he average yearly earnings of a musician?

It is very difficult to earn a full time living as a guitarist because there are loads of people out there who will perform for free. The club/pub owner doesn`t care how bad