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How much does a tribal tattoo for your shoulder cost?

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it'll cost about $100."

Thats a nice start, but a tribal tattoo will vary greatly from artist to artist, and be based off of size and complexity. I have done tribal tattoos on the should for $40 and I have done ones that ran $500.

Your best bet will to find a couple designs along what you like and go talk to a tattoo artist, and ask in person. It is impossible to give an accurate quote for a tattoo without talking to you in person. You need to be able to gauge size of the design and the area. Are you 100lbs or 500lbs. That is a BIG size difference on shoulders...
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How much do small tattoos cost?

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How much money would a tribal tattoo going from your shoulder to your mid arm cost It's not that big it is just a bunch of spiral lines?

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