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Silica aerogel of ·1 g/cm3 starts at $8/g or 80¢/cm3. If you'd like densities toward the record of 1 mg/cm3, multiply by--I don't know--500? Carbon aerogels are somewhat cheaper, resorcinol formaldehyde cheaper still. You could make your own and maybe do better.

It seems a 3mg/cm3 aerogel costs $2100/g or $6·2/cm3.
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What is aerogels?

Aerogel is a synthetic material derived from gel in which the  liquid in the gel has been replaced with a gas. It was invented by  Samuel Stephens Kistler in 1931.

Is it possible to melt aerogel?

Yes, but only if you have the ability to reach temperatures greater  than 1200 Celsius (2200 Fahrenheit)   No It Cannot Melt.

What is the proper spelling of aerogel?

The proper spelling is aerogel. It is not specially capitalized at the beginning or in the middle, nor should it contain a hyphen or a space. The word has been in technical

Can aerogel float on radon?

Yes. Aerogel is less dense than radon. I think it's also less dense than xenon. For a while I wondered about it too, but yes, a solid can float on a gas.

What is the microstructure of aerogel?

Very tiny bubbles of air in a very thin walled ceramic matrix. In other words ceramic foam.

Does aerogel float?

Because its 99% air and since its so light aerogel would float at a  cetain height because air becomes thinner as you go up and becomes  thicker when you go down
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What is the mass of a sample aerogel?

That's going to depend on the size of the sample you have. A larger sample will have more mass than a smaller sample, much like virtually every other known substance. Aerogel