How much does an average person poop?

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Aproximitly 2 pounds per day. and about 730 pounds a year
An avarge person lets out 4.4 pounds of waste a day!
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How many times does the average person poop in a lifetime?

well i dont think it would be possible because it know...explode out, come forth, whether you want it to or not. i estimate around a couple of weeks before you peg

How many times does the average person poop a year?

Well you see the average human being consumes approximately 295 pounds of gastronomic normalarities over the course of the year therefore they should expunge appromixately 305

How much time will the average person spend pooping in their lifetime?

Approximately four years. Do the math: Average 10 minutes a day x 7 days in a week x 365 days in a year x 80 years / 60 (convert to hours) / 24 (days) Above math is false: Ca