How much does it cost to relocate a furnace?

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Cost depends on where the furnace is to be relocated. Duct work transitions may need to be made, electrical and gas lines may also need to be ran. Contact a reputable HVAC contractor to give you an estimate.
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How much does a furnace cost?

12/2009 - As I type, they are replacing my old with a one-cycle Trane. The check I will be writing for this nifty little gadget is $3000 even. getting a furnace meens gettin

How much does a gas furnace cost?

I was just checking around myself and looks like it can be anywhere from $3000-$4000 installed. Add $1K if you're going with a 90% high efficiency one which is recommended for

Cost of relocation?

The cost of relocation will vary depending on a variety of thingsincluding how far you are moving. Relocating across the city willcost much less than a move across the country

How much does it cost to change a thermocouple on a furnace?

just had it done for $300. High, but had to be done. ANS 2 - He was robbed. - A typical thermocouple costs $8-10 even in Home Depot. Any competent handyman can fit one in

How much does a new Carrier furnace cost?

Gas or electric? How large a furnace? How efficient does it have to be? Do you want an energy rebate for your willingness to pony up for a unit that operates well past 90% eff

How much does a burner for a furnace cost?

look up the model and serial number and punch that into the computer and you should be able to find one or take the numbers and call a local hvac company and they can order it
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How much should a new furnace cost installed?

Quotes a few years ago for a coal fired furnace were around $7000. I'm sure it depends on your area and type of furnace. Shop around, and dont be afraid to deal for lower pric
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How much do furnaces normally cost?

Furnaces can cost anymore from approximately one thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. They are usually cheaper used, however, for the cost-conscious.
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How much does the average home furnace cost?

The average home furnace, with installation included, costs between $1750.00 to $3500.00. A new furnace that is well maintained should last approximately 15 to 25 years.