How much does it cost to relocate a furnace?

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Cost depends on where the furnace is to be relocated. Duct work transitions may need to be made, electrical and gas lines may also need to be ran. Contact a reputable HVAC contractor to give you an estimate.
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What is included in relocation costs besides moving truck fees?

Gasoline. Especially now since the gas companies are trying to raise the cost to more than what minimum wage is! here i attach link for more information of your question just see it. after opening Nationwide movers web site just see moving tips, glossary, process pages. its my guaranty is that you (MORE)

How much electricity does the average electric furnace use?

Answer I actually have the same question. I just bought a 1200 square foot home and upon inspection found the rating of my furnace is 68.7 amps at full power draw! Another 2.2 for the blower motor! My unit is an older model but those numbers sound exsessive. Anyone else know their amp draw for com (MORE)

What is the cost of a furnace?

Answer . We are having a new oil forced air furance installed tomorrow. With labor and removal of the old furnace, it is costing us $2460.00. We did get quotes as high as $3000.00.

How much does a furnace cost?

12/2009 - As I type, they are replacing my old with a one-cycle Trane. The check I will be writing for this nifty little gadget is $3000 even. getting a furnace meens getting ready to pay 35 thousand.

How much is it to replace a furnace?

Depends on Seer Rating / Size / Brand / Extra's - ducts, electronic filters, humdifiers etc.. Normal 3 bedroom home $3000 to $10,000 installed.

How much does a gas furnace cost?

I was just checking around myself and looks like it can be anywhere from $3000-$4000 installed. Add $1K if you're going with a 90% high efficiency one which is recommended for harsh winters. 80% is fine for warmer climates.

How much does it cost to replace an oil burning furnace with electric or gas?

A product called a "conversion burner" is available. The oil gun would be removed and the conversion burner would be mounted via a universal flange to the studs the oil gun was mounted on. These can be fired with nat. gas or lpg. (Use nat. if available-cheaper). 600-800 retail plus installation. Dep (MORE)

Cost of relocation?

The cost of relocation will vary depending on a variety of thingsincluding how far you are moving. Relocating across the city willcost much less than a move across the country. Relocation costsinclude hiring movers if you choose to have someone move you. Youcan rent a truck to move your belongings.

What is the best gas furnace and how much should it cost?

It all depends on the efficiency of the unit you want (80%,92%, 95% etc.), how big the unit is, and what brand you're goingwith. I recently replaced my gas furnace. We have a 3 ton unit forour house. We went with the 95% eff. unit because we were able toget a tax credit, it cost us a hair below $250 (MORE)

How much electricity does a forced air oil furnace use?

You can find this information on the nameplate of the unit. This is where the manufacturer's name, model number, and serial number usually is. All electrical appliances should list operating voltage(s) and either current (in amps), or power (in watts), used.

How much is it to relocate guinea pigs?

Not much. If you are trying to re-locate your guinea pig, you might be able to make $10, but if you are trying to buy a guinea pig, it will cost more then $50.

How much does it cost to change a thermocouple on a furnace?

just had it done for $300. High, but had to be done. ANS 2 - He was robbed. - A typical thermocouple costs $8-10 even in Home Depot. Any competent handyman can fit one in about an hour - a gas technician in even less time. ANS 3 -I agree $300 is high but we just paid $350. Hindsight is always (MORE)

How much does your propane forced air furnace cost per hour to run?

That would depend on it`s size or input rating. You can get the input rating off the unit nameplate and divide that # by 2500 and that will tell you how many cubic feet of propane vapor the furnace burns per hour. If you buy propane by the gallon ask your supplier how many cubic feet of vapor a gall (MORE)

How much can you save on a new furnace?

When my customers ask how long will it take to pay back for the high efficiency furnace in gas savings, I tell them this. You can determine your payback time by using your energy bills from the last 12 months. First look at three months during the summer, say June, July, August. Add the 3 months g (MORE)

How much does a gas furnace and air conditioner cost for a 1200 Sq. foot home cost?

Figure $1500 - $2000 to have the 2 dropped off in your driveway. I am sure you can understand, one cannot and should not estimate the price of any job without seeing it and expect it to be realistic. Just a quick example there is piping needed to connect the two, that costs money 1) to buy it, espec (MORE)

How much does a new Carrier furnace cost?

Gas or electric? How large a furnace? How efficient does it have to be? Do you want an energy rebate for your willingness to pony up for a unit that operates well past 90% efficiency? With the lack of more specifications in the questions, the answer cannot be anything other than a wild guess or a ra (MORE)

How much is an average furnace repair hourly rate?

It varies from state to state. But if you go with a truly professional company (which you should do to avoid mishaps) the average hourly rate for labor will normally be anywhere from $100.00 to $200.00.

How much liters of gas does a home furnace use an hour?

Gas usage is measured in cubic feet because it is a vapor. Look at the tag on your furnace and find the input rating, natural gas contains roughly 1000 btu per cubic foot. So divide the input rating by 1000 and you have your answer.

How much does a burner for a furnace cost?

look up the model and serial number and punch that into the computer and you should be able to find one or take the numbers and call a local hvac company and they can order it or tell you how much it will be to put in.

How much natural gas does your furnace use per hour?

Look at the tag on the inside of the furnace that denotes it`s capacity in btu per hour or btuh. Where it says Rated input which is what has to be put in (fuel) to get the Rated output (heat). That btu number can be anything from say 150,000 down to50,000 or even less. But that is the # you want, th (MORE)

How can i find how much it cost to run a air heat pump in central Illinois compared to a gas furnace?

Find out what you pay per kWh, then determine the wattage used per hour of run time of the heat pump. Then multiply the two for cost of runtime per hour. Do the same with your cost per therm (100 cubic feet of natural gas). Determine the input rate of the furnace in btu per hour (100,000 btu input w (MORE)

How much for a 80000 BTU furnace?

Cost of a furnace depends on the efficiency, the brand unit,transitions needed to be made, and the cost of a qualityinstallation. I recommend getting estimates from qualified andreputable HVAC companies.

Why does a central furnace kick on too much?

There is the possibility it is oversized causing it to heat the house, shut off and restart otherwise known as short cycling. Ideally the furnace would be sized to heat the house at the same rate the house loses heat on a design day.

What is relocability?

i.e. the relocability of a room dividing screen suits our multifunctional office in comparison to a brick wall which is static.. relocability can be used when describing the ease or difficulty of re-allocating or moving constructing or de-constructing something..

How much does a furnace cost for a 1800 square foot house?

Cost may vary depends on the house size, accessibility, the amount of work involved in duct reworking, disconnecting/connecting gas electricity. Normally, it's better to replace AC/coil/Furnace all together, since a new furnace may not be compatible with old indoor blower /evaporator coil. The (MORE)

How much will it cost to install a gas furnace in NY?

If no major duct work involved, the price range is about $1,500 ~ $2,000 for basic models. If you want high efficiency and variable speed, it can easily cost you up to $3,000. Be cautious, only buy the functions and accessories matter to you. It's hard to get your investment even with a high effi (MORE)

How much electricity does an oil furnace use?

As the heat is coming from the burning oil, the furnace itself technically uses none. Assuming you have a central heating system that forces hot air through ducts to vents throughout the house (as opposed to old-fashioned steam radiators) it only requires a few watts to run the blower fan. Radiato (MORE)

How much oil will a furnace burn in 24 hours?

Ours uses 5gallons per day. To calculate yours take how much is the tank and divide it by how long it lasts. Our 150/30=5 and another example 350/60=5.83. These are good for estimating for the exacts check your manual.

What does the relocator do?

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How much power does an oil fired furnace use?

To answer this question the size of the blower motor and the size of the ignition transformer must be stated. The amperage of these devices will be added together and multiplied by the voltage of the furnace to reach the total power consumption. Watts = Amps x Volts.

How much should a new furnace cost installed?

Quotes a few years ago for a coal fired furnace were around $7000. I'm sure it depends on your area and type of furnace. Shop around, and dont be afraid to deal for lower prices.

What is the cost of having a wood furnace?

A lot will depend on where you have the furnace installed as you must have a chimney to carry the smoke outside. There is the cost of the furnace itself which must be sized properly so that it can heat the entire space. You must have the chimney or flue cleaned every year and other maintenance must (MORE)

How much do furnaces normally cost?

Furnaces can cost anymore from approximately one thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. They are usually cheaper used, however, for the cost-conscious.

What does a furnace do?

An industrial furnace or direct fired heater, is an equipment usedto provide heat for a process or can serve as reactor whichprovides heats of reaction. Furnace designs vary as to itsfunction, heating duty, type of fuel and method of introducingcombustion air.