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How much does one gram of antimatter cost?

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62.5 trillion USD
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How much does helium cost for one gram?

Helium isn't usually sold by the gram, but by volume. Typical prices for a, say, 15 cubic foot container (that's 15 cubic feet at STP; the container itself is significantly sm

How much does one gram of copper cost?

About a third of a cent US, since a pre-1982 penny has a mass of slightly over 3 grams and is about 95% copper (the remainder is zinc).. Many of these pennies are still in ci

How much does one gram of marijuana costs?

Canadian $10 but in Bangladesh, it is around 300 Taka for one Kilogram which is Canadian $4.3it is very cheap in bangaldesh, India and Pakistan even good quality cigarettes ar

How much does one gram of scandium cost?

As a reagent, scandium pieces, distilled dendritic, purity 99,9 %, packaged under argon: 2 g for ca. 400 euro (Alfa Aesar catalog).

How much does one gram of oxygen cost?

You're swimming in a sea of it right now, breathing and burning as much of it as you want. And wherever you go, except underwater, there's always an endless supply there f