How much does pine wood weigh?

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The density of pine varies significantly depending on the variety and the actual piece. values between 0,34 and 1,02 can be found from various sources.
A board 2 cm thick, 10 cm wide and 5 meters long could weigh anywhere from 3,4 to over 10 kilograms
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How much does pine wood cost?

A 1x4 inch piece of pine wood costs about .58 cents per foot. Thismeans 12 feet of 1x4 would cost someone about $6.96 cents plustaxes.

How much does wood flooring weigh?

The weight of an actual wood flooring will depend on the wood specie being installed. A loose grain wood will be lighter in weight than a tight grain. Most exotic hardwood fl

How much force can a pine wood take?

Depends on the thickness and water content. If it is laminated it becomes much stronger as in plywood. There is test info on such things elsewhere,