How much does ps3 costs in Syria?

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How much does a 60GB PS3 cost?

$523, search google I just paid $300 for a barely used system (looks brand new) with 2 controllers and 2 games.

How much does a PS3 costs?

the 40 gig model is 400$ the 80 gig model is 500$ soon a 40 gig model will be replaced by a new one that's just the same but has an 80 gig harddrive The current list

How much does PS3 cost in the US?

Retail is now 299.95 for the 120 GB and 349.95 for the 250 GB from Sony. You can find them below retail. Sony rewards site will let you earn points for a reduced price for ans

How much an PS3 250gb cost?

The PS3 system with the 250 GB harddrive is only available in used or unsold old retail stock since it is out of production. The 320 GB model sells with an undefeated 3 game f

How much does ps3 cost at Kmart?

K mart wants the same $349.99 for the PS3 320 GB Move Bundle and the same $249.99 for the 160 GB PS3 Game console. They also have some of the PS3 320 GB models bundled with MW

How much does the ps3 cost with cost?

It is possible to purchase a PS3 for only the $300 and maybe get a free game shipping and taxes from someone like, other times they have been know to offer a free g

How much a PS3 cost now?

The cost of a PS3 has recently decreased to $249.99 for the PS3 160 GB model in the USA. The PS3 320 GB model has also had price decreases when offered at special bundle price

How much does rezurrection cost for ps3?

The Playstation Store charges your Playstation Wallet $14.99 for the Rezurrection Download. This is from the purchase confirmation I was sent: Call of Duty(R): Black Opsâ„