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How much does ps3 costs in Syria?

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How much cost PS3?

As of 2014, the average price of a PS3 runs between $250 USD and  $270 USD. Special packages can add several hundred dollars to the  overall price.

How much does a PS3 cost at Walmart?

Both the black ops bundle 160 GB PS3 and the regular PS3 160GB are  $299.54 on June 23 2011. They have many other bundles available  online and some refurbished models also

How much is PS3 cost in the us?

A new PS3 costs about $300. A PS3 120GB with PS move costs $400. For older models of PS3 the price varries based on Model, with the backwards compatible models selling for ove

How much does Littlebigplanet for PS3 cost?

The price continues to decrease for LittleBigPlanet and can be found for $20 or in a bundle with a PS3 250 GB or with the accessories in a bundle with a controller. see relate

How much does the PS3 move cost?

399.99 with the tax it would be .... 429.30 If you already have the PS3 and want to add the Move "The Move Bundle" has a $99.99 retail price and was seen for $89.99 at Sam'

How much does a keypad cost for a ps3?

It has a suggested retail of $49.99 for the PlayStation 3 wireless keypad by Sony and can be found sold below the retail cost in stores and online.($35-$44) Non Sony keypads a
In Guyana

How much does a ps3 cost in Guyana?

Same as it would any where else, use a foreign money converter to find out how much American money or any money depending where you are from, and that's how much you'll be pay

How much does the ps3 cost with cost?

It is possible to purchase a PS3 for only the $300 and maybe get a free game shipping and taxes from someone like amazon.com, other times they have been know to offer a free g