How much does the average person eat in their lifetime?

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it depends who they are where their from and how much they like chicken.
say you eat a whole chicken once a week there are 4 weeks in a month 12 months a year that's 51 weeks a year or 51 chickens. then it all depends on how long you live, the average life expectancy in the UK is 79.9. now lets say you spend the last year of your life in cooped up eating mushy peas and you don't eat chicken when your a baby that means you eat chicken for 76 years of your life. so in theory you eat 3876 chickens. (PS most of this is ball's it all depends on how often you eat chicken)+who care's just enjoy your roast while you can
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How much cheese does the average person eat in a day?

The average person eats 30 pounds of cheese per year, which works out to about an ounce per day, roughly. 30 pounds? that's way too little!!!! it's more like 2 tonnes. b careful ppl over you'll never poo again!

How much soda does the average person drink in a lifetime?

Answer . About 107,500,500,500 cans.. ^ I'm not really sure who answered this but there is no way that this answer can be true, and simple math will show you why:. Let's say for argument's sake you live to be 80 years old..... 80 x 365.25 = 29,220 (This is how many days are in 80 years, includ (MORE)

How much money does an average person earn in his lifetime?

I am currently an electrical engineer. I started working in 1974. I am now 51 years old. If I retire at age 62 I estimate I will earn 40.8 million dollars in my lifetime. ahaha yeah ok so you make a million/year? yeah right. besides, this doesn't help the question in any way, shape, or form. i (MORE)

How much blood does a person lose in a lifetime?

The average volume of blood in an adult male is 5-6 liters, about 1.5 gallons. I don't know how to answer your question precisely, but if someone is getting continual transfusions, they can lose that much blood, because the bood volume remains elevated from the transfusions.

The average person eats how much hair?

According to Wikipedia, the average human will consume in excess of 36 pounds of human and animal body hair over the course of an average 76 year life-span. Also, according to current medical guidelines, hair ingestion, and the related build-up of keratin plaques within arterial walls, is one of the (MORE)

How much dirt do you eat in a lifetime?

When your a kid sometimes you eat dirt on a dare or just to see what it tastes like but after that hopefully you don't eat dirt. The above answer is fairly correct yet many people eat dirt also by not washing foods properly. It is not a great amount yet it is a factor. People do not have an exac (MORE)

How much time does the average person spend naked in their lifetime?

It can vary. It depends on: . how long you live . your lifestyle . the weather . if you have kids . if you have lots of windows . if you care that you have lots of windows . if you live in a nudist colony An estimate: If the only time you spend naked is when you're in the shower or gett (MORE)

How much rice does the average person eat per year?

The amount of rice each person consumes in a year will vary basedon living areas and cultures; some cultures use rice more thanother cultures. The average American will consume roughly 25 poundsof rice per year, 4 of which is consumed through beer. However, inChina, the average person will consume 1 (MORE)

How much does a human walk in an average lifetime?

In a lifetime, around the world twice! So that's around 25512 Km! Around the world twice is correct but the circumference of the world is 40,075.16 km so it would be a total of 80,150.32 km or 49,803.1 miles..

How much food does an average person eat a year?

The average American consumes about 2,175 pounds of food per person per year, which provide about 3,600 Calories of food energy per day. This daily intake contrasts with the worldwide average of 2,700 Calories. (Source: Pimentel, David, Giampietro, Mario (1994). Food, Land, Population and the U.S. (MORE)

How much food should the average person eat a day?

Well,the healthy way to eat is only have three meals a day. But i guess little bits in between like fruits wouldn't hurt! :] Several factors contribute to what an average person can eat in a day, as in age, sex, body mass and activity levels. The best way to find out how much you should be eati (MORE)

How much tea does the average person drink in their lifetime?

British or Asians drink much more tea on average than North Americans on average, 74802 cups is one estimate. It has also been estimated that Americans drink 26 gallons of tea in their lifetimes, much of it displaced by coffee (due to a steady supply of high-quality coffee from Latin America and the (MORE)

How much time will the average person spend pooping in their lifetime?

Approximately four years. Do the math: Average 10 minutes a day x 7 days in a week x 365 days in a year x 80 years / 60 (convert to hours) / 24 (days) Above math is false: Cameron calculated the average time in a weekbeing 70 minutes and multiplied it by the number of days there arein a year, thusl (MORE)

How much does the average person spend on the phone in a lifetime?

The time on a telephone varies drastically according to technological status and from culture to culture.. From 0 (those without phones - and there still are billions of people who do not have a phone) to probably one tenth of a lifetime (there could be some hundred thousand who attain that level). (MORE)

Average time for a person to be angry in their lifetime?

I don't think there's any one time for anger; it happens from time to time, depending on the situations we face. If we can put any timeframe on it, perhaps as we leave childhood, where things are done for us and life is carefree (for the most part), anger can arise because we're faced with bigger pr (MORE)

How much lunch meat does the average person eat a a year?

the average person eats about 1000 pieces of meat each year just for lunch. if we did not eat meet we would die because we need the iron form meat but if we eat to much we would become overweight. We need to eat food from other food groups because no one likes to see themselves in the mirror like th (MORE)

On average how much does a person save cooking instead of eating out?

Many factors play into whether it is actually cheaper to eat at home or at a restaurant. For instance, it all depends on how much you spend when you go out to eat compared to what you spend on cooking your own meal at home. You could eat out at a fast food restaurant and order from the dollar menu. (MORE)

How much hair does an average human eat in a lifetime?

The average human swallows about 40 lbs. of hair over their entire lifetime, completely unbeknownst to them (i.e., they are unaware of it). This is discluding, of course, people with that strange disease that causes them to constantly eat their own hair.

On an average day how much does a person eat?

it depends on their lifestyle, weight, height, and energy needs. A 3 year old will not eat the same amount of food that a 20 year old runner does. and a 16year old boy will not eat the same as a 45 year old. It depends on the individual.

How much does an average smoker spend in a lifetime?

its all about when they started smoking but lets just say they start at age 18. they live to age 70. they smoke 1 pack a week. and a pack costs 6 bucks (these numbers can vary) I would say about 16 thousand bucks if my numbers are correct

How long does an average person exercise in a lifetime?

The average person exercises 30 minutes a day, and there are 365 days in a year. 365 x 30 ------ 10,950 That is 10,950 minutes a year. The average person lives 70 years in the America. 10,950 x 12 --------- 131,400 That is 131,400 minutes in 70 years of exercise. So 131,400 minutes. if you (MORE)

How much time does the average person spend in school during a lifetime?

Working on UK system... Assuming you're just talking about mainstream education starting at age 5 and leaving at age 16... 11 years = 4018 days. Subtract weekends (4018 - 1144 days), leaving 2874 days. Subtract main holidays... (2874-77 days) equals 2797 days - which is a little over 7.5 years.

How long does the average person dream in a lifetime?

Well, every night, you dream for roughly 2 hours. So, multiply that by 365 (nights in a year as well as days) and then multiply that by the average person's life span: 70 years. In all, that should be about 51,100 hours each night a person dreams.

How much calories does an average person eats a day?

Depends on the person. Our daily intake is supposed to be 2,000 calories a day. But, everyone has different height, weight, age, disabilities, and stress that people tend to take different amount of calories each day.