How much gasoline is used each year?

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How much gasoline is burned in the United Sates each year?

\n. \n More than 140 billion gallons \n. \n"U.S. annual gasoline consumption is 140 billion gallons and growing." Source: from March 2006.\n. \n"In 2004, the United States consumed about 140 billion gallons of gasoline, more than any other country. Consumption averages (MORE)

How much gasoline is used in the US daily?

Answer . According to a document by Exxon/Mobile published in February 2005, there are 370 million gallons of gasoline used daily. . United States consumed over 142 billion gallons of gasoline.

How many gallons of gasoline are used in the US each year?

The U.S consumed about 64.3 billion gallons of finished motor gasoline in 2008. There are approximately 43 gallons of motor gasoline per barrel (and 19.6 gallons can be refined from each barrel of crude oil). This statistic does not include other distillates such as jet fuel and heating oil. The (MORE)

Why does your 2000 Sebring use so much gasoline?

With gas prices what they are you want to make sure your car is tuned as well as it can be.. Have a tune up performed with new O2 sensors installed and you will most likely notice a big improvement.

How much gasoline does an airplane use?

too many types of aircraft and variables to answer without more info - but in general aircraft use more on average than a car would mainly because of the higher speed and power needed to produce lift to keep the plane flying and also the need to gain altitute quickly

How much gasoline does the average person use each year?

Let's assume the 'average' person drives 20 miles round trip to work each week, and another 30 miles for errands, etc. 20 x 5 = 100 miles for work + 30 for all else = 130 miles (avg) per week. If we figure the 'average' car gets 24 MPG, then divide 24 into 130, which = 5.41 gallons of fuel each (MORE)

How much gasoline does a car use?

It varies from car to car and driver to driver. The next time you fill up, record the mileage. The next time you fill up again, record the mileage and the gallons it took to fill it up. Subtract the the first mileage reading from the second reading and you have the total miles driven. Now take the n (MORE)

How much does a US Congressman earn each year?

\nThe base salary for US Congressmen is $174,000 plus benefits, plus official expenses (such as for staff, travel, office equipment supplies, totaling around $1.5 million per year).

How much timber is used each year?

Global wood consumption has increased 64 percent since 1961. (See Figure 1.) More than half of the 3.4 billion cubic meters of wood consumed annually is burned for fuel; the rest is used in construction and for paper and a variety of other wood products. Demand for lumber and pulp is expected to ris (MORE)

How much natural gas is used in the world each year?

Three thousand billion cubic meters. That is, I think, about 3 trillion cubic meters per year. Not necessarily used, but pumped out of the earth. My source is a History Channel documentary, so not 100% sure of its accuracy.

How many gallons of gasoline are used in the UK per year?

None! Its called Petrol here, not gasoline! We use comparatively little to America, as our cars generally have smaller engines. I will attempt to make a rough estimate here for you but cant guarentee it will be anywhere near correct.. Approximate number of cars in UK: 25 Million. Average mileage p (MORE)

How much does the US pay for the UN each year?

They pay 22% of 4.19 billion dollars. You do the math. In 2010 the United States paid over 7.6 billion dollars to the UN. Payments to UN peace keeping / defense missions are not part of the regular budget. The State Department budget paid 5.5 billion, other agencies, such as Agriculture contribu (MORE)

What is the total gasoline used in the US each year?

As of 2011, about 142.5 billion gallons of Gasoline are used each year in the United States, at the approximate rate of 392 million gallons per day. This is based on an official estimate of 9.12 million barrels per day, 43 gallons per barrel, 365 days in a year.

How much is gasoline in the us?

The price varies by location, how close it is to a refinery, how close it is to a freeway, and by the company overhead that makes it available at a given location.. I paid $1.759 USD per gallon last night (2009apr12). Russia and other countries that subsidize petroleum prices for fuel, sell it for (MORE)

How much gasoline is sold in California each day?

A lot! 7,139,000 gallons per day in Jan 09- see related link. Also check out the "view history", a few times average use per day has gone over nine million gallons. Last few months, gas use has been in decline.

How much gasoline is produced in the US?

The US Energy Department posts on the Energy Information Agency (EIA) many statistics including millions of barrels per day of gasoline produced. I have include a link which at the bottom, has tables and graphs of the gasoline produced. The "finished gasoline" is the total production, and is current (MORE)

How much electricity does Arizona use each year?

Not entirely the answer, but may help: . Arizona consumes 62,281 MkWh (millions of kiloWatt hours) of electricity (this number expresses the total electricity consumtion).. Source:

How much is spent on food in US each year?

This information can be found at the Government Census and Statistics site under their respective categories both online and offline at the library or business development office.

How much styrofoam is used in the US each year?

a lot... Yes a lot is right. In fact according to the American Chemical Council as of May 31, 2011 a year-to-date comparison showed that 1,885,200,000 pounds of Polystyrene-PS was produced, with a captive use of 1,862,200,000 pounds. California is the leading producer of Expanded Polystyrene-EPS, (MORE)

How much is a gasoline bill each month?

I spend about 70 $ per month on gas. But I use high grade gas and my car has a V6 3.5 ltr engine. Its fuel economy is 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. I drive 152 miles per month. I fill my tank twice a month.

How much does the US spend each year in farm subsidies?

About 10 to 15 billion dollars per year -- about 4/10ths of one percent of the US federal budget. Just for comparison, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP (formerly called food stamps) spent over $80 billion in 2012. For those looking to save the US government some money, I woul (MORE)

How much is spent on pro sports in the US each year?

Numbers vary wildly: . $465 billion in 2008 - Dean Kamen towards the end of his TEDMED2010 presentation. See link below at 58:02 . $200 billion, according to Terry Rhoads, a former Nikemarketing executive who is general manager of Zou Marketing, aShanghai company that advises on sports managemen (MORE)

How much gasoline is sent out of the US?

Around 5% of all the oil produce is exported out of the U.S. According to Chuck Grassley Alaska exports 10% of is oil Japan. 7% on the South Slope and 3% on the Noth slope

Why do people use so much gasoline?

Most don't because most don't own cars. In less developed countries, the ones that do, their cars aren't as efficient as ours because they're cars are about 2 decades behind ours. In developed countries, such as the U.S., we use a lit because we travel a lot, do aimless running around, don't get (MORE)

How much gasoline a car uses?

It varies with each vehicle. To determine the mpg (miles per gallon) your vehicle gets, fill your fuel tank to the top and record the mileage. The next time you need to refuel record the mileage again and amount of fuel it took to fill. Subtract the first mileage reading from the last one. Take that (MORE)