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How much ice cream is eaten in a year?

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Well over 4 billion gallons, worldwide.
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How much ice cream does an average American eat a year?

The amount of ice cream that an average American eats in a year depends on if you are an ice cream feen like me or not if you are like me and eat a lot of ice cream you would

What year was ice cream invented?

There was such a thing as "fruit ice" by the Persians in 400 BC, but some do not consider that to be true ice cream. And some later in the years, such as 17th century where ot

What year was ice cream made?

  The first Ice Cream Cone was made in 1904.At the Worlds Fair. Ice Cream has been made for centuries, I believe since the early 1800's or late 1700's."Iced Cream" was mad

How much caffeine is in ice cream?

Except for coffee or tea flavored ice cream there should be none.

How much was ice cream in the 1960s?

Two shillings and sixpence for a one gallon tub of vanilla. In the US I could get a single scoop cone for .10 and a double for .15. I remember the cost of a half gallon rangin

How much are ice cream machines?

that will according which type of the ice cream you want to make and how many Liter you want to make in one hour / one day. 1, For Hard Ice Cream, will need a set of the machi