How much is a 1811 cornish penny worth?

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about 1 cent.
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How much is a penny from 1945 worth?

Answer \n. \nIf in any condition less than ANA Extremely Fine, a dealer will pay less than 2 cents for it. Uncirculated specimens sell for 85 cents to $1.00 depending on t

How much is a 1941 penny worth?

1941 is a very common date for wheat cents. In circulated condition, it's worth about 2 cents. More: It all depends on where it was minted and what condition the coin i

How much is a 1992 penny worth?

Please check your pocket change. You'll find loads of cents from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. They're all worth exactly one cent each..

How much is a 1811 dime worth?

The 1811 Capped Bust Dime is a over date, the ones of the number 11 are over a zero and a nine of 09 for the date of 1809. This coin really needs to be graded, because the pri

How much is 1811 us penny worth?

Their are 2 kinds of 1811 Classic Head Large Cents and the coin needs to be seen for an accurate assessment. One kind has a normal date,retail values are $108.00 to $420.00 in

What is an 1811 us penny worth?

, If you in fact have an 1811 " LARGE CENT" Penny it is worth between $15 in AG-3 grade, all the way up to $850 in an EF-40 grade. The rarest 1811 "LARGE CENT" which has
In Mexico

How much is a penny worth in Mexico?

Nothing. Mexicans and Mexican banks don't accept US change for any transaction. They only accept bills or credit card transactions. Ideally, a penny is worth 11 Mexican cen