How much is a 1984 Abraham Lincoln 175th anniversary coin worth?

This "Commemorative" coin was produced for retail sale to the general public.
it has NO affiliation with any US Treasury, Mint, or Government.
IT is NOT marked with any "Proof" or Content mark, it tests to approximately >.800 to >.900 Silver. the weight varies form coin to coin, but an average weight of 26grams is the norm. From a numismatic point it has little (or No) collectible value beyond its metals content. Its current value would be that of the silver market price per ounce, [somewhat reduced for its lack of purity]
So, bottom line if silver is $15 per ounce it would be worth approx. $12.
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What is a 1984 25 sentimo coin worth?

Hard to say if we don't know what country it is from, but most likely it is something that could easily be found in a dealer's "junk box" at 5 for $1.

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