How much is a Pittsburgh stove and range 16 pot bellied stove worth?

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What is a new idea pot belly stove worth?

i picked one up today at a garage sale for $25 it was marked with several numbers including 4911E and 4912E, the guy that i bought it from said that it used to be used in a ch

What is the value of a King Stove and Range Co pot belly 30A?

The King Hardware of Sheffield AL. bought out The Lizzie Loman stove works in 1905. The foundry was renamed King Stove & Range Co. In 1917 The Martin brothers bought out King

What is a pot bellied stove?

A pot belly stove is a small,wood burning stove. They typically have a rounded, squatty shape, giving them the name. They were primarily used to heat whole rooms and even sect