How much is a iphone 3g at radio shack?

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they cost 299
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How much is 3g iPhone?

The iPhone 3G is being subsidized by AT&T, or whoever your local iPhone service company may be, unlike the original. This means that the iPhones themselves will be cheaper; $1

How much is the cheapest iPhone 3g?

Well If You Want To Find The Cheapest IPhone You Would Want To Go To Currys, And They Cost At Curry's:- £87.00. That's A Good Piece Of Advice !.

How much is a iPhone 3g?

In the U.K its between £300.00 and £500.00; . Although in the U.S it is much cheaper .
In Spain

How much is the iPhone 3gs in Spain?

I think its from 0-369€ with movistar depending on what sort of contract you take out. I'm hopefully just about to get one and I'll tell you when I do how much i paid...

How much does a iPhone 3gs cost?

It costs however much you want to pay for it. But you have to invent it first. The iPhone, however, costs $99 with a new contract or eligible upgrade.