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How much is the minimum required blood platelet in a human body?

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it varies. Anything below 150K is considered low. However, people can live without spontaneous bleeding with platelet counts as low as around 10K. There are minimum counts that are needed for certain procedures and this depends on how invasive the procedure is. For instance, something like a joint injection is ok to do at lower levels of platelets than say, open abdominal surgery.
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What do platelets do in blood?

Whenever a blood vessel is damaged, platelets form a clot by clumping together at the edges of the wound. The platelets also cause the blood vessels to reduce bleeding by cons (MORE)

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What does platelets do in the blood?

They are responsible for blood clotting. This prevents too much blood loss and to some extent prevent the entry of pathogens into the body through the cut/wound.
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What is the function of red blood cells white blood cells and platelets in the human body?

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How do platelets function in the human body?

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