How much is ticket in WA state for new driver having passenger in car Who pays?

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I don't know the amount, but "who pays" is simple: it's the person whose name is on the ticket. If your stupid kid stupidly let their stupid friend talk them into giving said stupid friend a ride, then you might be able to talk their stupid friend's parents (who are probably also stupid) into paying for it, or at least sharing the cost, but ultimately as far as the state is concerned, the person who will be on the hook if the fine is not paid is your stupid kid. So make sure your stupid kid knows this, and tell them not to let anyone talk them into giving them a ride, no matter how much they beg or how good a friend they are.
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How much in general is car insurance for a new driver?

Answer . \nThis will depend on the car you drive and the coverage you select, where you live, male or female, grades in school, driver training, and the company you choose to provide your insurance. You need to do some comparison shopping.

In New Jersey if you get a ticket for having too many passengers in the car or driving past the allowed time with a provisional license does your insurance go up?

Answer . \nAs long as it is not considered a moving violation, which usually require a court hearing, then the insurance will most likely not increase. I'm not sure about the provisional license though, that may have certain execeptions. If it becomes suspended, for any reason then insurance wil (MORE)

Can you be ticketed in New Jersey for not having your insurance card in the car?

Answer . If you had insurance at the time of the citation and take proof of insuranc to the judge, he will USUALLY dismiss the ticket. Unfortunately, you will have to appear in person to do that, and there is no guarantee that it will be dismissed, so be respectful to the judge.. Answer . A (MORE)

How much do speeding tickets cost in New York state?

Answer . I got a ticket on I-87 in Albany catched with 79 mile/hr in a zone of 65. The fine is $220 USD (165 + 55, Fine + SurChg). Please beware on I-87, too many dogs.. I got mine on I-88 in near Kirkwood NY for driving 83 in 65 zone. I got fine 195 (140 + 55 surcharge). I don't know what surch (MORE)

How much is a no seat belt ticket in new york state?

I pleaded guilty to a ticket for driver failure to wear seat belt in Amherst, NY, and the penalty fine was $135! I called the town court to inquire about this exorbitant amount and the desk clerk claimed that's the starting penalty. There's absolutely no use pleading not guilty whether you were wear (MORE)

How much does pepsi pay drivers?

$109.00 base pay per day plus .18 per case you sell average cases per day equals 500 so in short your making around $200.00 per day on average.

What is the right side of car the driver or passenger?

depends on which way it's facing relative to you and also what country you're in. wrong. It is determined by the drivers perspective. This is the automotive industry standard and it doesn't matter if you are in the US, europe, or japan. When you are sitting in the drivers seat of the car the left s (MORE)

How much will two speeding tickets in WA state raise insurance rates?

That depends, who you are currenly insured with and what KIND of speeding tickets they are. A typical speeding ticket is 2 pts, however an excessive speeding ticket is 5 points. It also depends what tier you are currently in with your current agency. I currently pay 109.23, if I added 4 points it go (MORE)

How many passengers can a drivers permit allowed in a car?

There must be a family member of at least 18 with a registered drivers license in the passengers seat, or a non-family member of the age of 21 with a legal license. You may have immediate family members as passengers. After having the drivers permit for 6 or more months you may have passengers but m (MORE)

Where to pay ticket in New Jersey?

Traffic and parking tickets in New Jersey are handled by Municipal Courts. You can either make a payment directly to the municipal court, or New Jersey offers a statewide online ticket payment system. In order to use the online system, you will need the ticket that was issued to you so that you can (MORE)

Can you pay new car state tax in lease payment?

It depends on the State. Some insist on you either paying it as part of the cost of the vehicle (upfront, although it is actually paid by the lender who is the one actually owning it and becomes an amount capiltialized), or that you pay that amount (to the lender, who pays it over to the State) on (MORE)

How many passenger can be in your car at age 16 in new york state?

If you have a permit, you must be driving at all times with a parent or guardian with a certified drivers license at all times passengers don't matter. If you have a junior license only one passenger is permitted, but if you have a senior license then you may drive as many passengers as you wish.

Does insurance follow the car or the driver in wa state?

This is a common misconception in the public as well as with many Insurance Agents who have do not have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Liability. Your Auto Insurance follows the "Named Insureds liabilities" within the terms of the insuring policy, NOT the vehicle . This is (MORE)

Will a new spouse have to pay child support in the state of WA?

Only biological parents are required to support their children. Only biological parents are required to support their children. Only biological parents are required to support their children. Only biological parents are required to support their children.

How much do you have to pay for not having car insurance?

That depends on whether you are responsible for an accident and how bad it is. For example, if you hit someone with your vehicle and you are without insurance, you would have to pay for all their medical expenses which could run into the thousands. If you cause a severe disability, you could be pay (MORE)