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How much more rum to substitute for rum extract in cake recipe?

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Substituting rum for rum extract in a cake recipe is problematic because the increased amount of liquid in the rum can compromise the cake recipe, causing the cake batter to be too wet, thus failing to bake properly, i.e.: generally speaking, 1 oz. of real* rum extract is the equivalent of 2 oz. of dark rum or 5 oz. of light rum. If you prefer to substitute rum for real rum extract, reduce the at a simmer, over a electric burner or in a microwave oven until the rum is reduced by half for dark rum or one fifth for light rum. Do not simmer the rum over a open flame as the evaporating alcohol vapors could easily ignite starting a fire in the pot. If you must heat the rum over an open flame, supervise it constantly and have a tight fitting pot lid handy to snuff any flames. *Note: Imitation rum extracts are a poor substitute for real rum extracts. IF flavor is critical, try Cook's brand Rum Extract, its made from Meyers Rum. Bon Appetite!
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