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The amount of alcohol that needs to be consumed before having a harmful effect on the body depends on many different variables, and situations. Firstly, there is the question of what period of time is the alcohol being consumed. Drinking heavily, or Binge Drinking, can cause many harmful effects to the body, even if the drinking periods are far apart, e.g once a week. This is because you are overloading your body with that much alcohol it damages the kidneys. There is also the prospect of how heavy the person is, and also how old they are. For example, a 18 stone, 30 year old can handle a lot more alcohol in one go than, say an 8 stone 15 year old. At the same time, gender has something to say with it as well. A male can handle more alcohol than a female, meaning less chance of kidney failure. Therefore, a lot of factors can affect the outcome, but as a general rule, Males are advised not to exceed 21 units a week, with females at 14 units per week. If you stick to that rule, and you are of average build, and height for your age, then nothing serious should happen.
Second Opinion:- Well you shouldn't try it at first, the first sip you think it wont matter but you will keep on coming back to that drug and sooner or later youll find yourself drinking like a person who havent seen water in ages. So take my advice and tel your friends never to drink or try it in the first place.
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