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How much oil does a Honda trx450r hold?

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How much oil can a 93 Honda Prelude hold?

  Check your owner's manual under, "capacities" or "fluids". It's highly likely the capacity is about 5 quarts but could be less. It's NEVER ok to over-fill. If you ever t

How much oil does a 1996 Honda Accord hold?

Answer   4 quarts   Closer to about 4.4 quarts if you let enough oil drain. Refer to the manual located (hopefully) in your glovebox.

How much oil does a Honda CB175 hold?

  from some random manual...     Change oil at initial 300 km (185 mil and at   every 1000 km (620 mil thereafter.   1. Oil Change   a. Remove the oil c

How much oil does a 5.5 hp Honda mower hold?

The manual says 22 ounces (.69 us quarts) for the 5.5 commercial Honda verticle shaft. I have one and the dip stick says it full at 18 ounces? You should be safe at 18 ounces.

How much oil does a 1998 Honda cr80r hold?

If you look on the case next to where you put tranny fluid in, it should tell you. There is no engine oil in a 2-stroke(as it is mixed in with the gas). I am assuming you are