How much oil does a Honda trx450r hold?

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How much oil can a 93 Honda Prelude hold?

  Check your owner's manual under, "capacities" or "fluids". It's highly likely the capacity is about 5 quarts but could be less. It's NEVER ok to over-fill. If you ever t (MORE)
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Dogs, Drivers and the Honda Element

The Honda Element is a crossover utility vehicle, prized for its versatility, affordability and durability. It was one of several cubist vehicles released by manufacturers in (MORE)
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The History of the Honda Civic

Great value and high quality are synonymous with the Honda Civic. Introduced in 1973, this compact front-wheel drive car seats five and is sold in a variety of body styles, fu (MORE)

What Are Your Options for a Honda SUV?

Honda refers to a brand of cars which is synonymous to high resale value, environmental friendliness, low fuel consumption, and reliability. Its products range from subcompact (MORE)
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About the 2015 Honda Fit

The subcompact Honda Fit is all-new for 2015, a hatchback model that seats five. Its design is more aerodynamic and its engine is new and more efficient. (MORE)
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About the Honda CR-Z

The hybrid market remains a small one with demand concentrated on a few models. Honda has four hybrid vehicles to offer including a CR-Z model that seats two and is sporty. (MORE)

How much oil does a 5.5 hp Honda mower hold?

The manual says 22 ounces (.69 us quarts) for the 5.5 commercial Honda verticle shaft. I have one and the dip stick says it full at 18 ounces? You should be safe at 18 ounces. (MORE)

How much can an oil tanker hold?

Oil tanker ships come in various sizes, from about 20,000 tons to 500,000 tons. "Supertankers" are generally defined as those greater than 250,000 tonnes dead-weight (meaning (MORE)

How much oil can an oil tanker hold?

Depending on its size and capacity, oil tankers can hold anything from a few thousand DWT and up to 550 000 DWT in ultra large crude tankers. DWT is Deadweight Tonnage. 550 (MORE)

How much oil does a 1994 Honda Civic hold?

The average 1994 Honda civic holds 4 quarts of synthetic oil. if you are looking for gas economy to 4 and a half quarts. If you are doing it for performance put 5 and a half. (MORE)