How much on average will a new person pay for car and health insurance?

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There is no average cost for any age groups auto insurance. There are far too many factors that go into the calculation of auto insurance premiums to randomly come up with the numbers. In addition to the age of the driver, you have marital status, good student discounts, driver education discounts, make, model, year, of vehicle, discounts and surcharges for type of vehicle, coverage limits, multi-car discount, use of the vehicle, distance driven daily, physical damage deductibles, and many other factors that have to do with the price.
And that is just the car insurance.

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How much do teens pay for car insurance?

There are many factors that determine the rates for car insurance. Far too many to spell out for anyone. Males pay a little more than females. Males reach a full adult rate usually at the age of 30 if single and 25 if married. Females reach the lowest adult rate at the age of 25 if single and at any (MORE)

How much does a RN pay for health insurance?

The cost will depend upon what company the RN works for. Some companies pay more for their employees insurance than other companies. It also depends upon that insurance company is used.

If you are drivng another persons car with permission and have no insurance but the car you are driving is insured will the car insurance pay to get the car fixed since you were at fault?

Answer . This is different from policy to policy. You need to check the owner's policy to see what is covered. If the owner didn't pay for such coverage, then the damage is not covered.. Provided the owner is paying for comprehensive and collision coverage the damage will will be covered, subjec (MORE)

What is a health insurance co pay?

Generally, a co-pay is a fixed amount that you're responsible for before the insurance coverage starts for a particular medical service.

Do you have to pay health insurance for your huband?

If you have group Health through work, he maybe able to be added for more premium. Nothing is free. If you have individual health insurance and not group through work, your husband must get his own health insurance and who pays for that, is up to the two of you. He will definitely have his own premi (MORE)

Will personal medical insurance or car insurance pay medical expenses in an auto accident?

Your choice, depending on which coverage is better. Try the auto insurance first. but remember, their job is to minimize costs, and sometimes you have to go where they send you. they may have limits depending on the policy and state laws. your medical coverage is designed to cut costs by keeping you (MORE)

How much is the car insurance in New Jersey?

It depends on your Age, Driving Record, Your Zip Code or Region, Personal Credit Rating and the vehicle type. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

How much does a person pay for health insurance?

The premium depends upon several factors, including: 1. The identity of the insurance company; different insurers charge different rates. 2. The state in which the insurance is purchased. State insurance regulators generally have to approve the ranges of insurance company charges. The regulators of (MORE)

How much is the average health insurance for 1 person?

If you purchase a policy that covered everything you would pay around four hundred a month. If you purchased a policy that had moderate coverages and a large deductible you could pay as little as one hundred dollars a person if the person is healthy. There are companies that do have low prices but y (MORE)

How much do you pay for car insurance for a beginner?

usually somewhere between 100$- 300$ a month maybe more or less depending on the company and what package you choose, also if you have had recent accidents or have not passed a drivers ed class then your rates will be higher.

Who pay the health insurance for employees?

This depends on the company and its policies. Sometimes the company pays half and employees pay half. Sometimes, company pays full amount and sometimes, there are no insurance benefits for employees.

How much they have to pay in car insurance?

Depends on value of the car, where it is located, driver's age, experience, driving record, and in some cases, grades in school for a student. Too many variables to give a single answer. It could be $50 or $500 a month.

How much do people pay for car insurance?

This kind of question is impossible to answer correctly. There are far too many variables that go into the calculations of rating an auto insurance policy. One company I deal with has 44 classes just to classify each driver. Other variables include vehicle, tickets, accidents, claims, prior insuranc (MORE)

How much do you have to pay for not having car insurance?

That depends on whether you are responsible for an accident and how bad it is. For example, if you hit someone with your vehicle and you are without insurance, you would have to pay for all their medical expenses which could run into the thousands. If you cause a severe disability, you could be pay (MORE)

How much does car insurance cost for a new car?

That depends on a number of variables, including: . Amount of the deductible . Value of the vehicle . Amount of coverage . Age of the person(s) driving the vehicle . Your own driving record

How much do you pay for car insurance for a truck?

If the truck is a pickup that is used just for personal use and not in any business it can be insured just like any other vehicle on your personal auto policy. If it is over a 3/4 ton truck then it probably will have to be insured on a commercial policy. Talk with your agent about this issue if you (MORE)

How much is the average monthly car insurance premiums?

Car insurance premiums can differ based on a wide range of factors, being exceptionally expensive in cases involving expensive sports cars or with DUI offenses on record. The average monthly premium is $66.66 according to CompUQuotes.

How much life insurance does the average person need?

The amount of life insurance that an average person would need greatly depends on the persons circumstances. If one has many dependents then one would want to have more life insurance to ensure that ones family is taken care of. The Smart Money website offers a calculator to assist in calculating (MORE)

How much is the average learning driver's car insurance?

Car insurance for new, young drivers is more expensive then adult's car insurance. The reason is drivers have to prove to the insurance companies that they are safe drivers. The average insurance for new drivers is anywhere from $2000 to $5000 a year, depending on the type of vehicle insured and one (MORE)

How much is the average cost for car insurance from Mercury Insurance?

It is not possible to give you the average cost or car insurance from Mercury Motor Insurance as the amount charged depends on a number of variables. These variables include, the type of car, the age of the driver and the amount of time they have been driving, as well as taking into account any prev (MORE)