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How much paper is used to print homework each year?

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Estimation: 61,000,000 for high school students and 26,000,000 for primary school students.
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How much paper does the US use in a year?

Total paper consumption in 1993 was 91.4 million tons; paper production was 86.6 million tons, with the difference made up by net imports. The economic value of paper industry

How much paper money does the us treasury print in a year?

The amount printed varies widely from year to year, depending on the state of the economy. Production figures can be found at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing website, lin

How much paper do you use a year?

The average person uses about 100 yards of trees each year. If we recycled paper we would save many rainforest and other major forests in the world.

How much paper is wasted on homework?

7000 tones and the government think that homework is a total wast of time when they think that the children could be going out and burning off fat and its not right to keep th

How many US dollar bills are printed each year?

Annual production figures vary widely depending on economic  activity. During the last 15 years the number of $1 bills printed  has ranged from 1.8 billion to 5.2 billion an