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How much tax should i expect to pay if i plan to sell my stock percentage and are the taxes automatically deducted upon the sale?

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Taxes are not generally withheld from the proceeds of stock sales, (unless you are subject to backup withholding). A report of the total amount of the sale (not the amount of the gain or loss) is made to the IRS on a form 1099 and that must be accounted for on your return. Stock sales are generally considered a sale of a capital asset and qualify for capital gains taxation. Presuming you meet the qualifications and have owned the stock for 1 year, the Capital gains tax is 15%. if you had it for a shorter period, it will be taxed at your otherwise ordinary tax rate. (BTW, if you aren't already above the lower ordinary tax bracket...still in the 15% ordinary tax bracket...the Long Term Gain rate is only 5%).
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