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How much tax you pay for 30000 dollars?

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How much room would 30000 dollars take up?

$30,000 would not take up much room at all. While it wouldn't fit  in a wallet in $100 bills, it would fit in a small bag, or even a  medium sized pocket. If put in a differ

If you won 8000 us dollars how much taxes do you have to pay?

The amount of taxes that you have to pay depends on how it affects your annual income. However, it is common practice to withhold about 20% of cash prizes for income tax purpo
Do you have to pay tax in a dollar store?

Do you have to pay tax in a dollar store?

The answer depends on the area you live in and what taxes they charge on the goods in your area. If you live in a place where they only charge tax on pay checks, like Oregon,

If you win 5000 dollars at a casino how much taxes will you have to pay?

Roughly $1500   ans   It changes from person to person..it can be as low as 0. The money is taxed as ordinary income, which keans you pay a tax on it based on your own