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How much time do you spend sleeping?

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the average person sleeps around 8 hours per day and average cats sleep around 20 hours. that is alot. also the average person comes from the human viginia
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How much time do people spend sleeping?

By the end of your life, the average human will have slept over 100,000 hours. Per night, the average adult sleeps 8 to 11 hours, and a child 10 to 12 hours. Good night and g

How much do you spend time on TV?

None I have never been on my TV. I do not believe it could even support me. I would break it!

Why do koalas spend so much of their time sleeping?

Koalas have a very slow metabolism, and this is why they spend so much time sleeping. Koalas eat only a few types of gum leaves and blossoms from which they get all nutrients

How tiring is REM sleep and how much time do you spend in it?

In reality, REM sleep involves a mix of activity (bursts of eye movement and brain activity similar to alpha waves) and inactivity (body paralysis as the brain stem prevents c

Why do koalas spend most of their time sleeping?

Koalas have a slow metabolic rate which is required for them to digest the eucalyptus leaves on which they feed. Eucalyptus leaves are very fibrous and rather low in nutriti

How much time do butterflies spend sleeping?

When butterflies cannot keep their temperatures at activity levels, when it's cloudy, or at night they become quiescent. This quiescence, or resting, is not equivalent to huma
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How much of the day does a lion spend sleeping?

This question can not be answered for a 100% sure. How much a lion sleeps during the day depends on: what season it is, how much food they have gotten, if there is enough shad

How much time do you spend on your hobby?

My hobby is singing, so I do that all the time! Of course when your getting tired of it just stop! If you love it, keep going. You don't have to do it all the time if you don'