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How much time do you spend sleeping?

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the average person sleeps around 8 hours per day and average cats sleep around 20 hours. that is alot. also the average person comes from the human viginia
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How tiring is REM sleep and how much time do you spend in it?

In reality, REM sleep involves a mix of activity (bursts of eye movement and brain activity similar to alpha waves) and inactivity (body paralysis as the brain stem prevents c

How much time did Noah spend in the Ark?

There are two answers to this question, we can also find that one story has the flood subsiding in just forty days, while the other says that the waters prevailed upon the ear

How much time should you spend with your girlfriend?

ask her when she is available and take that time with her and cherrish it. be nice and make sure on the first date that you give her space dont crowd up on her. then each date

How much time is wasted sleeping?

none if you don't sleep you will die You spend 7 hours of a day sleeping. But if you can't sleep you can use melatonin to help fall asleep.

Can you spend too much time with someone?

i think it depends on the person and what kind of person you are yourself. I have a girlfriend and we can be together as long an as often as we want to without any discomfor

Why do koalas spend so much of their time sleeping?

Koalas have a very slow metabolism, and this is why they spend so much time sleeping. Koalas eat only a few types of gum leaves and blossoms from which they get all nutrients

How much time do you need to spend with your dog?

It depends on what breed of dog you have. Also it depends on if your dog has anxsity. Well I would sugest that you at least spend 4 hours with your dog each day and if your re

How much time should you spend with your boyfriend?

Enough to keep him happy. There is always going to be factors such as a job, school, his friends, family time. It depends on the relationship and the people in them. Some