How much traffic will a Blogger blog handle in a single day?

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There are no specific bandwidth limits on a Blogger account. You can have as many visitors as you can find each day.
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Does blogging have any effects on bloggers?

Answer . Blogging can be a good writing exercise or a give a cathartic feeling to bloggers. Some people become obsessed with blogging and it takes over their daily lives. O

How do you transfer a Blogger blog to Wordpress?

After installing Wordpress in your Web space , Go to the dashboard and select import . Here you can provide your blogspot address and you need log on to your Blogger account t

How do you add music to a blog on blogger?

If you are asking for a playlist, this is a good place to make a playlist. Add lots of songs, and you can add that as a gadget as soon as you are done making it. Make it he

How can you import a WordPress blog into Blogger?

Go to WordPress dashboard. Tools - > Export and save the .xml file and then go to blogger dashboard - > settings at the top of the page you can see "Import blog" link under

How do you delete a blogger blog?

1. Login to your Blogger account 2. Go to Blogger dashboard > Settings >Other 3. Click on " Delete blog " under " Blogtools " section you will be asked to give confirmation

How do you you make blog posts on Blogger?

First, log on to blogger. If your new to blogger, you wouldprobably have the new layout. Once you log on, There would be a list of your blogs. Click yourblog title. It'll take

How do you make a Private Blog on Blogger?

Dashboard>Settings>permissions> blog reader Begin at your dash board and click "settings" for the blog that you want to make private. On the settings page you'll see some tabs
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Can everybody see your blog on Blogger?

Yes, but you can control the visibility of your blog. Just follow these steps: Go to Dashboard > Settings > Permissions See the attached related link to guide you with th
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How much do bloggers get paid per blog?

Every blogger is paid differently depending on many factors such as the company they are working for, affiliate links, and ads. Some bloggers don't get paid any money.