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Intellectual Property

Can you use a brand name in your blog title?

Yes. If the brand name is a registered trade mark, the keys to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit include: 1. The use of the brand name in the blog is not likely to cause confusion about whether the blog is endorsed or supported by the owner of the brand name. 2. The brand name is not being used in commerce or for any commercial use. 3. The use of the brand name neither blurs nor tarnishes the brand name, nor is dilutive of the brand name. 4. The blog has no bad faith intent to profit from the use of the brand name. 5. The bloggers believe and have reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the brand name is fair and otherwise lawful. In addition, bloggers have a First Amendment right to maintain their blogs. There is a good case which I have provided a link to. It deals with the use of a brand name on a website critical of that brand name. If the blog has any questions about fair use of a brand name, it should contact an intellectual property lawyer, the ACLU, the Public Citizen Litigation Group, Citizen Media Law Project, or some other free speech rights group.


How is a blog and forum different?

Blog: this is your own thing, unless you are a guest blogger on another blog. People can comment, but they can't post, unlike a forum:

Forum: Where groups of people can post topics, talk about everything and anything, etc.

So, there is a difference. Hope it helped!


What is the best blogging platform?

WordpressThere are two kinds of Wordpress blogs: self-hosted - - and, which is hosted by Wordpress. Both are free but have different advantages.

If you want complete and total control over your blog, download Wordpress from - it's completely free. Then go find yourself a host that allows access to your own MySQL database and allows PHP. There are several out there, some that may not even force banner ads on your blog. Installing Wordpress is very easy, and setting it up generically is easy. You can theme your blog however you can imagine, provided your host allows the PHP you choose - some will block certain functions for safety reasons.

To sign up for the free hosted blog - but with less design and feature control of your blog - go to and sign up.

Blogger.comBlogger, now owned by Google, is completely free and gets you up and running minutes. is a companion to, which is a more complicated version of the software you install on your own server. is a very straightforward blogging tool. However, it does have more options and flexibility than Blogger. Joomla.comThis is a slightly more complicated blog creation software. It offers much more flexibility, but is not as easy to get up and running as Blogger or

Installation of Joomla requires downloading the Joomla package file, uploading it to your web server, and configuring it.

These three blogging options are all free, and require varying degrees of computer ability.

Some other blog platforms include:

  • Xanga
  • Livejournal
  • Vox
  • Typepad
  • Movable Type
  • Myspace
  • bebo
  • hi5
The free, public blog sitesThere are many sites that offer free account creation for blogging:

  • Very professional-looking templates, easy to use.
  • More limited than others, like Blogger. You can't play with your template.
  • You can categorize your posts with custom categories and tags.


  • Very easy to make changes to your template, add html, etc.
  • Not perceived to be as professional as Wordpress or some others.
  • You can categorize your posts with labels.
  • Cannot delete comments


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists.
  • You can categorize your posts with tags as well as your mood, music, etc.


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists


  • This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists.


  • On Facebook, you can have "Notes" which are viewed by your friends.
Not free......but still worthy of mention:



  • This is actually another free version of Wordpress, but it's just the platform software, not self-hosted. You need to pay for your own hosting.
Other things to know

Some blog sites insist on their blogs being personal and non-commercial. The material posted should be fair and unbiased.

You can also go to del.ici.ous website, and search for all bookmarks on blogs. There are many.

You could do the same with searching does not allow you to delete or manage your own comments and contacting "Help" is cumbersome. You cannot report spammer comments.

What is the best blogging site? I ran across a site one time but cannot remember the name of it, but i remember that you could add pictures with different themed backgrounds.
facebook, orkut,, twitter

The Difference Between

What is a blog?

A blog is a way to discuss and share your opinions and thoughts.


How do you spam dashboards on Tumblr?

Even though I do not recommend it, spamming is basically posting multiple times in a row to clog up someones dashboard. Do it if you want to lose followers.


How do you add a sponsored Link to your blog?

To add a sponsored link to your blog you need to add a gadget (presuming you are using blogger). if you are not using blogger then you will need to know H|TML.

Social Network Websites

What is me2DAY?

me2DAY[mi:tu:dei] is South Korea's biggest social networking and micro-blogging web service where users post a text up to 150 characters, some of which could be linked with (photo) images, (music) sounds, and videos from your browser, desktop, email and with mobile phone wherever you happen to be.

The name of me2DAY has two meanings. One is 'me-too' that means "I agree with you", and the other is 'me & today' that means "Let me tell you about my today".


How do you create a blog?

Firstly, decide on a topic that you'd like your blog to be about. It could be a personal blog or a topic focused blog.

Then you'll need to choose a blogging platform. If you're new to blogging I suggest using one of the free blogging sites available like the ones listed in the related links below.

It is possible to create blog on your own domain (stand alone blog) or use existing public blog services.

If you want to create stand alone blog then you have to choose the blog platform to drive the blog. One of the most popular is WordPress. I have found that WordPress is a really nice program and it's free. Then you have to find a place (hosting) to run your blog. You can use free hosting or to buy one. Free hosting is not reliable and safe.

If you create blog on public service like or then you don't need to worry about hosting and domain. These services will setup software for you and do all dirty work. All you need is just post you articles and wise thoughts.

Making a blog requires lots of work and patience. Many new bloggers jump to the idea of making money from your blog. So there blogs becomes a money driven blog. When you are starting off the best advice is to worry about about your content. Money can only be made when there is traffic on your blog. More... There are many different free websites on which you can create a blog. For example, I use which is powered by Google. It's free and hasn't given me any problems. There are all types of privacy options you can set to control who reads your blog as well.

To create a blog you can use:

  1. Blogger
  2. Wordpress

If you need to create a blog for business, you can create a WordPress site yourself. Below is how:

1. Rent a host

2. Install WordPress to the server

3. Choose a theme (You can find many themes on, here you can also find some themes:

4. Install some SEO plugins, such as SEO ultimate, related posts, etc. to help you optimize your content.

They are the most popular ones

Note: To use Blogger you have to have a G-Mail account

You can also use myspace for a blog. Be careful on myspace, do not give any personal information to any strangers and make sure you set you profile to private. This prevents you from getting hurt but discussing you thoughts. Remember you have to be at least 13 of age to set your myspace account

Making a blog these days is as easy as talking through typing - let me show you how. You really do not need any technical knowledge about web page editing and other jargon, although knowing about them is always helpful.


1. Decide on a topic to blog about. You can always blog about something very generic, but a good amount of value addition will be done if the world comes to know about specific topics on which you have thoughts.

2. Search similar blogs on the Internet so that your blog can be as much or more fun.

3. Log on to or Wordpress or Weebly or Blog. You can know more about blogging sites via Google, too

4. Use the automatic setup wizard of any of these sites for an initial setup - You can always build on it later as you keep posting more.

5. Be regular in posting - remember, it is the content that matters most. The blog page can be made very jazzy but if the content is not great, it does not keep the visitor for a longer duration.

6. You can use services such as AdSense from Google or AdBrite to monetize your blog. Adsense stuff can be found at Google Adsense

7. Keep the comments/feedback stuff ON on your blog posts.

8. Allow people to subscribe to your blog through RSS feeds. You can create your own blogs at and its absolutely Free... Firstly you have to register for a blog account.

There are quite a number of blog hosting services available, so you can choose and decide on a provider.

For reference is quite a popular choice for blogs.

After registering your account, you can just post blog entries on you blog from time to time.

You can also change your template and design your blog according to your likely.


All this information has been excellent! But you may want to take your blog one step further and actually make some decent money with it! WHo doesn't want to make money doing something they enjoy!? Here's a wonderful online resource to further your love of blogging!

Well, let's say your about to create a blog on Wordpress, since that's pretty much the simplest system there is, and it has a lot of nice features. You need to:

1. Choose a username (which will be the name of your site as well).

2. Choose a password.

3. Click "get blog".

4. Start posting.

5. Add themes and such to make your blog cool!

Hope it helped.

Well, let's say your about to create a blog on Wordpress, since that's pretty much the simplest system there is, and it has a lot of nice features. You need to:

1. Choose a username (which will be the name of your site as well).

2. Choose a password.

3. Click "get blog".

4. Start posting.

5. Add themes and such to make your blog cool!

Hope it helped.

10 things you must apply from the beginningBeginning a blog is easy. But if you want to have a successful blog, you can try to follow next advices:

1. Define your goal

It is very important for you to know your goal from the beginning. Maybe an online diary, promoting a product or a business, sharing funny things, videos and picture or even making money online. If you have your purpose in your mind, it is much easier to be constant and to not give up when you meet the first obstacle.

2. Post a minimum of one post everyday

Writing is very important. In fact, that's blogging about. You need to write at least one post per day. That way, your blog grows and always has a fresh air. You don't want your blog to be perceived like a static one, so be active!

I recommend getting your own domain name (i.e. because it's only $10 a year and it will save you hassle in the future.

Then I'd get some hosting and install wordpress. Wordpress is awesome and was built primarily for blogging. It makes it very easy to learn.

Lots of people put off blogging because they think it is too hard - overwhelming if they aren't familiar with terms like themes, hosting, plugins or even content. It can be overwhelming to keep up with everything if you are new and don't have support. Plus, if you are using the blog for business, doing search engine optimization and getting new visitors are important.

If you do not have a website to host your own blog there are numerous sources for free blog hosting such as Blogger, WordPress and Live Journal. (See links below)

you can create a new blog at any of the blogging sites like blogger, tumblr or yahoo blog. you can also build your own website with some services online.

Go to any blogging website and create an account by choosing a user name and password. Once you have your account sign in and write about anything you choose.

To start a blog you need a domain name and a web host. Then you need to think of a topic for your blog. You need to be able to write or add content regularly or you will lose your faithful readers.

Open a hosting account where you can install and activate your blog application. You do not need to know about web development to start blogging.

Online Forums and Message Boards

What does sticky baby dust means when used in forums?

Means they are ttc (trying to conceive) and hoping an embryo sticks to their endometrial lining.


Is it possible to pacify a narcissist?

There are four techniques of coping with a narcissist, whether male or female. (1b) Mirror His Behavior Mirror the narcissist�s actions and repeat his words. If, for instance, he is having a rage attack � rage back. If he threatens � threaten back and credibly try to use the same language and content. If he leaves the house � leave it as well, disappear on him. If he is suspicious � act suspicious. Be critical, denigrating, humiliating, go down to his level. (1c) Frighten Him Identify the vulnerabilities and susceptibilities of the narcissist and strike repeated, escalating blows at them. If a narcissist has a secret or something he wishes to conceal � use your knowledge of it to threaten him. Drop cryptic hints that there are mysterious witnesses to the events and recently revealed evidence. Do it cleverly, noncommittally, gradually, in an escalating manner. Let his imagination do the rest. You don't have to do much except utter a vague reference, make an ominous allusion, delineate a possible turn of events. Needless to add that all these activities have to be pursued legally, preferably through the good services of law offices and in broad daylight. If done in the wrong way � they might constitute extortion or blackmail, harassment and a host of other criminal offences. (1d) Lure Him Offer him continued Narcissistic Supply. You can make a narcissist do anything by offering, withholding, or threatening to withhold Narcissistic Supply (adulation, admiration, attention, sex, awe, subservience, etc.). (1e) Play on his Fear of Abandonment If nothing else works, explicitly threaten to abandon him. You can condition the threat ("If you don't do something or if you do it � I will desert you"). The narcissists perceives the following as threats of abandonment, even if they are not meant as such: Confrontation, fundamental disagreement, and protracted criticism When completely ignored When you insist on respect for your boundaries, needs, emotions, choices, preferences When you retaliate (for instance, shout back at him). Before I got to your specific situation my answer was going to be the general one of Yes so long as you are willing to have no mind of your own, do all her bidding, praise her all the time....and even that might not be enuf. Now that I have read your situation my response is different. Your kids are 17 and 19. Why are they staying in that living situation? Why aren't they living with you? Why don't they have the gumption to function at another junction?


Why do people use blogs?

People write blogs as a way to express themselves and their knowledge or expertise. People read blogs as a source of information or because they find the writer interesting.

Blogs are extremely useful, both to the writer and the reader. The writer may have a lot of knowledge to share, and the reader may want an informal way to learn about a topic. Some people use blogs to find other people with similar problems, issues or situations. Blogs can be anonymous, which helps a lot of people share information without being known.

Some people like to state their feelings. Kind of like your message board in WikiAnswers or talk page in Wikipedia. Same thing really.

Personally I enjoy writing and write about topics that I am interested in and that I like to write about. (I even have a blog about 'writing') Also once in a while write about products that I like, or that I am interested in 'Pre-Selling' those (Affilliate) Products, with almost all products that I (pre)sell on my blog I usually genuinely think it's about products that I believe are great products or that I have or enjoy myself. Products that

It is also possible to receive comments about experiences from other people.

I write about several other subjects that have my interest such as Travel (and as mentioned before) the process of writing itself, Movies, Music and a few other areas of interest for several of those areas I have (one or more) different 'Blogspots'.


How do you blog on sparknotes?

As far as i know there is no way to blog on sparknotes; i have been trying to find a way myself for the past hour and i don't think it is going to happen.

Mozilla Firefox

What are add ons and how do you dispose of them?

Go to the Start menu and select Internet Explorer from the program list.

Right on the IE icon and select properties.

On the Short Cut page delete anything after "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

Such as: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"xxxxxx

Go to General and delete anything after Internet Explorer. Problem solved!!!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan 9, 2009. Well, maybe not solved. I don't know who wrote the "answer" above, but that method will, in fact, actually enable them all. There IS a switch (representing the xxxxxx's) which will disable all-ons, but it won't remove them. So, if you don't want to enable them all, then DON'T follow the advice above. I can't recall for sure what the switch is to stop all add-ons from being added, but it's something like -extoff (Google it.) Unless you want to disable all of the add-ons for some troubleshooting steps, the best thing to do is to disable them one at a time, because you may want to keep some of them enabled. To disable them piecemeal, open IE, Tools, Manage Add-ons, select the one you wish to disable, and click on disable at the bottom. Keep doing this for any you wish to disable. (or click on enable to enable the add-on) If the enable/disable buttons are greyed out (all of them), then try the following: (Caution: If you don't know how to safely edit the registry, find some guru who does know how to do it. Incorrectly editing the registry could hobble your PC to the point that it won't boot, requiring the complete reinstallation of the operating system and all software.) HKLM (or HKCU) \SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions and set NoExtensionManagement to 0 (zero) (this will remove the greyness.) (Setting it to 1 will grey out all the add-ons, thus preventing you from changing the status. ) What are add-ons? Well they are add-ons (usually by 3rd parties) to IE that allow you do different things in IE, like to view flash files (often called movies or a videos) on a web news site, or to make a pdf of a web page (if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro). Some are helpful antispyware add-ons, like McAfee's SiteAdvisor, etc. On the other hand, some add-ons are malicious pieces of spyware/malware and may slow your PC down or do other malicious things (and these should be disabled and removed -- removed by running a good antispyware or antimalware app.) (The removal of spyware should be done by a knowledgeable person, so you don't delete something useful or essential.)

Football - American
Salary and Pay Rates
Lil Mama

Why does left tackle make so much money?

One reason would be that most quarterbacks in the NFL are right handed. The left tackle is responsible for protecting the right handed quarterback's blind side on passing plays unless, of course, the QB is rolling left. Similarly, the right tackle protects the blind side of a left handed quarterback.

Search Engine Optimization

Can you blog using Google sites?

Yes, Google owns the blogging service Blogger is free and you can log in using your existing Google account if you have one.

But if you blog spot you won't be successful cause its free and not professional. To become successful you must use WordPress.


What is the difference between blogging and wordpress?

In blogging, there will be writing on a particular subject and in WordPress is CMS in that write blogs.

You should look at this: www(dot)instantwordpresshelp(dot)com


How do you add MP3 music to your online journal?

Check your web hosts help files, tech support or user forum/messageboard. You should be able to find instructions in one of these locations. You should probably check your TOS and site specs first to be sure that you won't be violating any of your hosts policies. Some hosts don't allow MP3s or other multimedia files and some just aren't equipped to host certain kinds of files. And you will also want to be sure your site (or journal) has enough space and bandwidth. Also, be sure you aren't violating any copyright laws by posting files of copyright protected music -- especially not for downloading/filesharing. Not only is it illegal but your webhost will more than likely shutdown your site for violating their TOS. == There are websites that allow you to embed a control on your page. The control plays music. One such site is

Microsoft Windows
RSS Feeds

How do you use RSS?

RSS feeds are like transmitting content from its original website to your doorstep (a feed reader). The point of using RSS is to aggregate content together in one place so that you don't have to go to dozens of different URLs to read headlines and updates from your favorite newspapers, blogs, websites, etc.

Use Google Reader, Bloglines or one of the other many feed readers out there to get all that content together in one place for your convenience.


How do you get more followers on Instagram?

One way is by tagging commonly used words such as #igdaily #instagram #contest #winner #look #me. Also by having interesting pictures and communicating with your followers through comments.


What is blogging?

A blog is simply an online journal that is frequently updated like an online diary but generally for public view. A blog usually reflects the personality of the author or the website it represents.

Society and Civilization

What are social topics for presentation? should have the best answer. Good luck!!


What is the most popular blog-hosting site? ranks as the 7th most popular site on the internet. ranks at 19th.


How do you change your blog title on Tumblr?

1.Go on your Tumblr blog.

2. Click "Customize appearance".

3. When you look down there should be something that reads "Title" and description.

4. Then you change it ^.^


How do you make a Private Blog on Blogger?

Dashboard>Settings>permissions> blog reader

Begin at your dash board and click "settings" for the blog that you want to make private. On the settings page you'll see some tabs along the tops. Click the one to the far right that says permissions. Under Permissions there is an option to choose your blog readers. Choose any option other than anyone and you've got yourself a private blog. That's it.

Email and IM

How do you get your Tumblr back if you forgot your email address but you remember the password and your Tumblr URL?

send them a message at and then give them the url and password


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