How much water can go through a 1inch pipe?

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depends on the pressure pushing through the pipe
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How do you go from poly pipegrey water pipe to cpvc?

Answer . \nThey grey pipe you are referring too is polybutylene, it was the subject of one of the largest class action lawsuits in plumbing history and is no longer used. Transition to a different pipe depends on the method used for installation. This job may involve a considerable amount of rep (MORE)

Should water be running through your pipes all the time?

Answer . Some hot water systems are designed to give you instant hot water. This is achieved by using a small pump to constantly circulate hot water through the pipes in your home. If you have an instant hot water system and you want to check to see if this is the source of the running water, (MORE)

How much time does it take to drain an elevated water tank through a 14 inch pipe by gravity?

More info is needed. What is the elevation of the bottom of the tank relative to the outlet of the 14" pipe? How much liquid is in the tank, and what are the tank dimensions? What is the shape of the tank (cone, vertical, horizontal, sphere?) How many fittings (elbows, turns, half-open valv (MORE)

How does water go through the body?

when you swallow it, it goes down your eusoghaphogus (or however you spell it), through your intestines, and into your stomach, where its digested into pee

Can gravity go through water?

Yes, since boats do not drift off into space.. Water also contributes to gravity, part of the reason the Moon is boosted to ever higher orbits by tides.

Does water go through the ground?

Water does not go threw the groung because the particles are solid. What happens is the water passes threw open air pockets threw out the ground. It enters an aquifer.

Does water go through your skin?

No it can not go through your skin but can get soaked up. It can yes. Your epidermis has keratin which reduces the lose or gain of fluid through your skin. Depending on you external environment fluid lose or gain may vary.

Can energy go through water?

Absolutely! Electric energy, kinetic energy, sound waves, light waves, heat ... all kinds of energy travel very well through water.

Does water go through your stomach?

Yes, and there it is absorbed by the cells throughout the body which also detoxifies your body. The excess water is disposed through the urethra.

How much water pressure would you have from a tank 50 feet high through a 4 inch pipe?

Assuming the tank is full, the 'head', or pressure expressed in feet of water, is 50 feet at the bottom of the tank.. Water weighs 62.4 lb/ft^3. At 50 ft, the pressure is 62.4 X 50 = 3120 lb/ft^2. In lb/in^2, or PSI, the pressure would be 3120/144 = 21.7 PSI, since there are 144 square inches in on (MORE)

What can water go through but salt can not?

im not shure what water can go through but salt can not but if you leave salt water in the sun or mainly if you just leave it somewhere, the water will evaporate but the salt won't.

How much PSI does it take to push one gallon of water through a one half inch pipe?

That would also depend on the length of the pipe, and on how fast you want the water to move. If you are in no hurry, even the slightest pressure will be enough to push the water through the pipe. That would also depend on the length of the pipe, and on how fast you want the water to move. If you a (MORE)

1inch equals how much aluminium in kgs?

Inch is a measure of length, kilogram is a measure of mass. It doesn't make sense to convert one to the other.\n Inch is a measure of length, kilogram is a measure of mass. It doesn't make sense to convert one to the other.\n Inch is a measure of length, kilogram is a measure of mass. It doesn't m (MORE)

What do you do when you go through the pipes on 24 carrot Island?

The Entry to the Factory Open the large pipe using the crowbar. Slip past the trapdoors by crossing them quickly, but one at a time. To pass the rat, enter the curved pipe at the top. The Vent System The vent system connects the three major rooms in the Carrot Cake factory. You will need the blu (MORE)

Can water go through your pores?

Water can, and does, move through the pores of human skin. Sweat (mostly water) is excreted (out) through skin pores. Additionally, some water is absorbed (in) through the skin pores. However, most water that is absorbed through the skin, enters through the stratum corneum , the outermost layer of (MORE)

Can sound go through water?

Yes sound can go through water because when you say hi under water you are producing air buble that make sound.

What is the meaning of water should not be supplied through lead pipes?

Lead pipes can be eroded by water and if there is lead in the water there is a possibility of lead poisoning Any metal including non ferrous metal piping can be "eroded" if the velocity is excessive and the condition of the water supply is corrosive Lead pipe has been in service for over 1,00 (MORE)

How do you tell how much water is wasted in a leaky pipe?

The most direct way, if you know the location of the leak, is to collect the water over a measured amount of time...say one hour... and then measure the actual amount of water collected. You will then know how much water you are losing per hour, and you can calculate how much you will lose over long (MORE)

Can light go through water?

The light will change directions (to be closer to the normal) once it hits the water. This is known as refraction which is a property of light. In this case, you have 2 media (plural form of medium). The two are air and water. . The reason it changes direction is because air allows a different (MORE)

How much water is in a 2 inch by 1 foot pipe?

Pipe is often specified as inside diameter. 2 inch pipe has a 1 inch radius. Assume that the section of pipe is completely full of water. Cross sectional area = pi*r 2 = approx (3.14)*(1 in) 2 = 3.14 in 2 . 1 ft = 12 in, so (12 in)*(3.14 in 2 ) = 37.68 in 3 , which with 231 in 3 in a gallon (MORE)

How can you tell if a pipe has water running through it?

If it is a copper or metal pipe, tap the pipe gentle with a something metal (screw driver/small wrench ect...) If the pipe makes aecho sound it is empty, if the pipe has water in it, It will notecho. this also works with pro pain bottles and other metal objects

How much does 1 inch by 1inch by 1 inch of water weigh?

A1 . Being 2.54x2.54x2.54 cm 3 it must weigh 2.54x2.54x2.54 grams. A2 . And as you know, a gallon of water weighs 10 lbs, and there are 6.25 gallons of water in a cubic foot. And a cubic foot contains 12^3 cubic inches = 1728 cu in. So we have more than enough data, so a cubic inch is 1/1728 (MORE)

What gas can go through water?

Any gas that does not substantially dissolve in or react with water can pass through it. This group includes air (except for its carbon dioxide content), all the noble gases, and all the hydrocarbon gases.

How much water will 100mm by six meter pipe hold?

ANSWER: the area of the 100mm (10cm) pipe is pi times it's radius squared which equals 78.5 square cms.The length is 6 metre, which is 600 cms. Therefore the volume in the pipe is 600 x 78.5 cubic centimeters which is 47,100 cc's. A thousand cc's is equal to one Litre. Your answer is 47.1 Litre.

How much water is in a 20 feet of 1.25 inch pipe?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) x (radius) 2 x (length) Volume of the pipe section = (pi) x (0.625) 2 x (240) = 294.52 cubic inches = 1.275 gallons (rounded) That's the volume of the pipe . We have no way to know how much water is in it, or whether it's half-full of something else, or wheth (MORE)

How much water is in a 14 pipe 4 miles long?

The volume of any cylinder is (pi) x (radius) 2 x (length) . The biggest part of working with this one is getting the units all consistent. Radius = 1 / 2 the diameter = 7 inches = 7 / 12 foot 1 mile = 5,280 feet 4 miles = 21,120 feet Volume = (pi) x ( 7 / 12 ) 2 x (21,120) = 22, (MORE)

How much water is in 7000ft of 20 inch pipe?

The volume of a cylinder is (pi) x (radius) 2 x (length) Radius of this pipe = 10 inches Length of this pipe = 7,000 ft = 84,000 inches Volume = (pi) x (10) 2 x (84,000) = . 26,389,378.3 cubic inches = . 15,271.6 cubic feet = . 114,239.7 gallons . That's the volume of the pipe. (MORE)

When water running through pipes freezes what happened to pipe?

What as it freezes expands. The pipe will become blocked by theice, water will cease to flow. In extreme circumstances teh pipecan split at the site where teh freezing water expands. Thenfollowing a thaw water flows again and we have a leak at thefracture site