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Since diamonds are valued according to more than the carat weight, including colour, cut and clarity, you can shop at a local jeweler who can show you stones of this category, or refer you to someone who can.

Shopping today on Blue Nile, where diamonds weighing just over 15 carats are available, you can buy one and spend between US$625,000 and US$1,558,000, depending on the cut, clarity and colour of the diamond you choose.
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How much would a 10 carat diamond ring cost?

This would truly depend on the grade of the diamond and the type ofsetting. In general, a radiant cut, J color, SI2 clarity 10.04 carats, sellsfor around $160,000 US (the low

How much does a 12.5 carat diamond ring cost?

Tens of thousands of pounds/Dollars. Another Answer The price of the ring depends on all the variables, including the quality of the stone and the karat value of the gold or

How much does a 20 carat diamond ring cost?

A quick search found a commercially-available 15 carat stone, for which you will pay US$1,187,000+. You'll need to look hard to find a 20 carat stone for sale without finding

How much should a 0.75 carat diamond ring cost?

The price you pay for any diamond ring depends on where you buy it. You may be able to purchase this ring from a pawn shop for less than you'd pay a Main Street jeweler. Toda

How much would a 12-carat yellow diamond ring cost?

You may be able to find this heavy a diamond in this color by shopping at a very high-end jeweler, such as Graff Diamonds in London or New York City. Otherwise, you can revi

How much does 28 carats diamond ring cost?

A diamond of this size is uncommon. From your comments, the purity of the gold is also uncommon -- soft, indeed, for a diamond of this weight. Best practices dictate that you

How much would a 15 carat marquise brilliant cut diamond cost?

Today on Blue Nile, the largest diamond available of this cut weighs less than half of 15 carats: 6.10 carats. It is an I colour with a clarity rating of SI2, meaning it is no

How much 1.25 carat diamond ring cost?

Today on Blue Nile, you can purchase the diamond of this carat weight and pay between US$4,078 and US$39,069, depending on the cut, excellence of the cut, clarity and colour o

How much should a 1.09 carat diamond ring cost?

The price depends on the diamond and on the setting. You can purchase a diamond of this weight today on Blue Nile and pay between US$2,651 and US$18,442, depending on the cut

How much is a 15 carat diamond ring?

The closest we can come to finding such a diamond for sale online  is for a 14.03 carat diamond, currently priced at US$781.608. This  is an F colour, round cut with clarity