How much would a 1940 autograph from Charles Lucky Luciano?

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I've seen only one Charles "Lucky" Luciano autograph. It is currently on sale on a website (starts with "A" ends with "zon") with an asking price of $40,000. It's unlikely to fetch that much, but an individual autograph that has been authenticated or with provenance might pull a couple hundred to a thousand dollars or more. Truthfully though, Luciano's signature shouldn't be that rare, although not much in circulation. Not many will be willing or interested in owning a piece of such nefarious history.
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What charges were brought against Charles Lucky Luciano?

Luciani was arrested for supposedly operating a large scale prostitution ring. There is speculation that the government needed his help during WWII to secure the ports of NY,

How much is a Charles Bronson autograph worth?

Anywhere between $1500 US., to $4000 US. depending on how rare it is, and if the signature is real, and not faked. It also depends on what document the signature is written on

Who was Lucky Luciano?

Salvatore "Lucky" Luciano was born in Lercarra Friddi, Sicily, Italy on Nov. 24, 1897. His family moved to the United States in 1907, and settled in the Lower East Side of Man

Why Charles lucky luciano get in prision?

Charles Luciano was arrested and convicted for being the leader of the largest prostitution ring in the united states. He was sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison. The ent

How did Charles ''lucky'' luciano become famous in the 1920?

Lucky Luciano took advantage of prohibition, passed in 1919, and began selling bootleg liquor. During the 20's, he also met Arnold Rothstein, who among other things was famous

How much is a Charles Gehringer autograph worth?

Charlie Gehringer Single Signed Baseball . A Charlie Gehringer Single Signed Baseball is worth about $100.-$150. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auct

Did Charles lucky luciano smoke?

Luciano regularly smoked ciggarettes, and was known as a 'chain smoker'. Most pictures of him show him with a ciggarette in his hand/mouth. He died from cancer at Naples Ai

How did Charles Lucky Luciano get his nickname?

There is much speculation about how Luciano got the nickname 'Lucky'. Some say it was because he was 'lucky' enough to survive a severe beating and throat slashing, which left
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Who is son of Charles Lucky Luciano?

Lucky Luciano never had any children, because he feared having children that would follow in his path. Anyone who says that Lucky had offspring is either confused or lying.