How much would an 8 lb gold bracelet be worth?

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Gold is currently around $1200 USD per ounce. There are 16 ounces in a pound and you have an 8 pound gold bracelet. So 1200 * 16 * 8 = 153,600 USD. If it is pure gold. I believe this is correct.
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How much is a 9K gold bracelet worth?

Many of the bracelets are valued in price close to $10 each. Theamount for each bracelet will vary depending upon the exactbracelet and their condition.

How much is a 14k gold bracelet worth?

Check out similar items on sites such as eBay. That will give you an idea of what price you can expect. Either that - or just take it to a jewellery store - most of them give

How much is a 10K gold bracelet worth at a pawn shop?

The amount a 10K gold bracelet will be worth at a pawn shop willvary. It will depend on what the current market price of gold isand how much of a percentage of that the pawn s

How much would 200.63 lbs of gold be worth?

$4,564,493. How do people weigh and price gold? Gold is NOT MEASURED in standard ounces/pounds! Instead, precious metals use TROY ounces/pounds. See: http://wiki.answers
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How much is a gold and silver bracelet worth?

You must realize that not all gold and silver bracelets are identical. A gold and silver bracelet can have a very modest gold and silver plate, and be worth not much more than
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How much would a solid gold bracelet cost?

It is hard to say how much a solid gold bracelet cost because it depends on when one is going to buy. However, it is easily to check out the update information on the internet
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How much would 85 lbs of gold be worth?

At $1300.84/ounce (current rate I just looked up) and 16 ounces ina lb., you would be looking at a total value of $1,769,142.40 ifyou have unadulterated 24 karat gold.