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How od I fix a Grand Prix trunk leak?

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Do you have a spoiler? Could be coming from the bolts holding it on.
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Do you have to remove the dash on a '99 Grand Prix to fix an evaporator core that is not draining and leaking water through the dash vents?

No. You need to find the drain hose from the evaporator case, and clear the blockage from the hose and/or the case drainpipe it attaches to. Usually fishing up the hose from

How do you fix a coolant system leak in a 1998 grand prix SE Doesn't seem to be leaking anywhere that it is parked?

 If you see no visible leak and it is losing coolant, you may  have a blown head gasket. Serious  engine damage will occur if it is not repaired ASAP.   The previous an

Why is my 1999 grand prix gtp leaking oil?

  My 2000 gtp is leaking oil from the intake on the firewall side of the engine. If yours is the same then the supercharger and intake will need to be removed to repair. I

How do you fix the abs light on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The ABS light comes on when there is a problem in the system. Bad sensor, pump, etc. As far as I know the ABS uses it's own computer and is difficult or impossible (in most ca

Where is the pop trunk button on a 2004 Grand Prix?

  Answer     if you look where your window controlls are, to roll the windows down, there is a switch you hold to the side, which doubles as your door lock butto

How do you fix the shift lock release in Pontiac grand prix?

I have a 1997 GTP and my shift lock went out. I fixed it. I pulled off the plastic shroud by my shifter. If just snaps on. I then took a rubber bumper ( thinks thick washer bu

How do you fix a speedodometer on a 94 Pontiac Grand Prix?

  Answer   If the trouble is the speedometer itself, you can't; but it could be the sending unit and that can be replaced fairly easily. If you remove the right fron