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The images in Google Earth (and Google Maps) are updated on a continuous basis. It's hard to say exactly when an area will be updated because some areas may be updated more frequently than others (just because that data is more readily available). While most images are no more than 3 years old in high resolution areas, low resolution imagery in some areas may be older. When high-res or newer imagery is not available, the base map used in Google Earth is a circa 2000 TerraMetrics/NASA 15 meter resolution base imagery.

It takes months of post processing new imagery before they go online so bulk updates usually happen about every 2-3 weeks. Google Earth and Google Maps share the same backend satellite image database and are updated together.

Why are newer images sometimes found in Historical Imagery?

Newer imagery is sometimes available in 'Historical Imagery', which can be enabled from the View menu option in Google Earth. Sometimes older images are actually of better quality than new images (i.e. there might be a huge cloud over a certain area which encourages using the older, clearer image). This feature is not available in Google Maps.

Where was Google Earth imagery last updated?

If you want to see where Google Earth (and Google Maps) imagery was last updated either check out the Google Earth Blog for update announcements or simply click on the 'Google Earth Imagery Updates' link below to see the highlighted areas on the globe.

When will my area be updated?

Due to overwhelming demand when a given area will be updated Google has created a new e-mail notification service. Check out 'Follow Your World' in related links below.
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How does Google Earth get their images?

 Here's a citation from Mark Aubin's post at the Google Librarian Central, about the source of Google Images:     "We collect it via airplane and satellite, but also

How does Google Earth collect the satellite images?

They collect their satellite images from a variety of cameras including; low level satellite photography, aerial photography and even on occassion kite and balloon cameras. Th

How often does data in Google Analytics update?

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Does Google Earth update its pictures every day?

Google Earth does not have the capability to update their pictures every day. There is typically a one to two year lapse in updates to their site and the process is very costl

How often are the pictures updated on Google Maps?

Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth andupdated together with bulk updates usually once or twice everymonth but NOT every area is updated on each update.

Can you see 1998 Google Earth images?

Google Earth was first released in 2005 and Google acquires newimagery every year since then. Imagery from 1998 might be possible but is rare. Google istypically interested in

How often does Google update pagerank?

There are two types of page rank. One that we normally see and use is called "Pseudo Page Rank". This is the one that is publicly available form Google in tool bars or through

How often is Earth Google updated?

On average it is updated every 1-3 years but this can vary depending on the area being updated. Larger cities such as New, York, London and Dallas would be updated more often

How often is Google Earth weather updated?

Weather data typically updated near real-time on the order of every few hours. The clouds layer are actually taken from weather satellites and are a global picture of the c

When was Google Earth last updated?

Imagery Updates Google Earth imagery updates usually happen about every 2-3 weeks but the updates are not to the entire globe but to cities and regional areas often in multi

How often is Google Maps updated?

The images in Google Maps (and Google Earth) are updated on acontinuous basis. The update cycle is typically twice a month, butonly a handful of areas are updated at a given t

How often does Google Maps update their satellite images?

Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth and  updated together usually once or twice a month.    ------------------------------------------------------

Can you use Google Earth Images on a website?

Google allows use of screen shots on public web sites if you follow its guidelines (see links below) including unaltered images with full attribution, etc. Three requirement