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How often do narcissists marry other narcissists?

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  • There are no statistics available. Very few narcissists are diagnosed as such because they often avoid therapy and detection altogether.
  • Wow...in my situation, she married someone that is obvious N supply for her. He caters to her and treats her like a queen and once she looked at him and at me and said "Laura thinks I'm spoiled...do YOU think I'm spoiled?" The look I got from her was playful at first, but then one of "HA HA" and she finally said "she's just jealous cause her husband doesn't do this for her!"
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Do narcissists have better relationships with other narcissists?

No They only have better relationships with themselves.....   new answer: if 2 people have different forms of (pathological)  narcissism they can have a relatively succes

What is a narcissist?

somebody who has the following symptoms   Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation  Taking advantage of others to reach own goals  Exaggerating own import

Is it common for a narcissist to label others as narcissists?

A lot of people tend to project their faults on to others. I doubt if it's common for people to project the actual term "narcissism" outside of areas where it has become a co

What type of women do narcissist marry?

Answer 1. Someone who is gullible, suffers from guilt or is emotionally reactive so that the narcissist can 'play them' and make them look to blame for their own inadequaci

What is a a narcissist?

Someone who worships him or her self. everything revols around you, everythign you do is for your own good and use Narcissism is the practice of displaying (among others);- gr

Why would as narcissist marry a narcissist?

  This is not only very unlikely, but could have some very violent results. Abusers usually stay away from other abusers, as they are difficult to control. The abuser may

What type of woman does a narcissist marry?

They marry the type that are just so eager to give love and attention to someone who needs it. My mother struggled all her married life with my father who had Narcissistic Per

Who does a narcissist marry?

Someone who they percieve as weaker, less intelligent, and less cofident than themselves. Their identity is hinged on where they appear relative to other people. So the person

How do you heal after being married to a narcissist?

Celebrate! Go out with your friends and family because I'm sure your ex kept you from them as much as possible. Reconnect relationships with people you care about and don't

Do narcissist attract other narcissist?

  Generally, no. Narcissistic behavior is draw to others that will listen - not talk about themselves as well. There are always exceptions if there is attraction that over

Do narcissists often abuse drugs drink and have other addictions?

There are no hard statistics on narcissism because they often go  undiagnosed. A true narcissist is less likely to become an addict  because of the way that they view themse

What happens when a narcissist marries another narcissist?

  in real life, this will never happen coz opposites attract!   but in case a narcissist does marry another narcissist, they'll never last for even an hour. Normal peop

What is narcissists?

  A narcissist (from character in the Greek mythology, Narcissus) is someone who seeks pleasure only for themselves.