How often should you nurse your baby or pump breast milk?

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You should nurse the baby every time he/she is hungry. The baby will suck his fist, stick out his tongue, or get fussy when he's hungry. A newborn will likely want to nurse every two hours. If you use a bottle for some of the feedings, you should pump at the same time the baby eats. This will encourage your breasts to make milk in the right quantities and at the right times for your child.
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How long after pregnancy should you have breast milk?

Please note that I am not a doctor, nor is just about anyone else who has answered a question in this forum. So, this is not medical advice. If you have any concerns, see a professional. That said, I believe it is not unusual to produce breast milk for years after giving birth. That's how you can ha (MORE)

Can a woman not pregnant or nursing produce breast milk?

Yes. It is easier for a woman who has had a baby to produce milklater but it has been known for women who have never been pregnantto breastfeed an adopted baby. However if you are not trying tofeed a baby and are producing milk you should see a doctor as youmay have a hormone imbalance.

Should only babies drink breast milk?

breast milk is best for babies but an alternate is baby formulawhich still is good for baby because it has all the nutrients,vitamins for development. i think people only say breast milk is best for babies because itsconvienient, the right temperature, its the easiest way rather thanthose mothers wh (MORE)

At what age do you ween a baby from breast milk?

This decision is completely personal and no one should tell you when is the right time to stop breastfeeding. Some women stop after a few months others after years. I personally breastfeed for two full years, but I have clients and friends that breastfeed until the child was 3 and 4 years old.. It (MORE)

How often should a nursing dog be fed?

Answer . Like a human baby every 4 hrs or so. But make sure u dont give it huge quantities cause little puppies dont know when to stop and get a bad tummy due to over eating. So feed them often but in small quantities.

Which is better for babies similac or breast milk?

Answer Breast milk by far Answer: Breastmilk is ALWAYS superior to any kind of formula. They have yet to figure out a way to make something that beats Mother Nature and I doubt they ever will. Plus, it's free and is always at the right temperature. Don't forget about the importance of the bon (MORE)

How long is breast milk good after pumping?

sitting in a room: 4-6 hours, in refrigerator: fresh milk: 4-5 days--thawed milk: 24 hours, refrigerator freezer: 3-6 months, separate deep freezer: 6-12 months. (Don't store the milk in the door of the fridge or the fridge freezer, the temp. changes whenever the door is opened.)

Should you have Breast milk at four months?

If you continue to offer a newborn the breast from the time of birth and do not supplement with formula you will have an adequate supply of breast milk until you stop offering the breast. Breast milk is supplied based on demand. If the newborn/child suckles for it, your breasts will continue to prod (MORE)

Can a baby be allergic to breast milk?

YES!!!! . Although it's extremely rare! In case a baby shows an allergic reaction to breast mik, it is more likely that it reacts to foods which the mother eats, as they pass through the breast milk into the baby's digestive system.. On many sites (especially on forums) you read that "babies are (MORE)

How can you nurse your baby and pump enough milk for when you go back to work?

I have had to this myself and this is the method I used. You need to express breast milk between feedings when the baby will not be nursing. For example, if your baby feeds every 4 hours, you can manually express or pump milk 2 hours after the baby has eaten. This would also be 2 hours before your (MORE)

What are the Advantages of feeding a baby on breast milk?

Just about everything! Mother's milk is the perfect food. It is always sterile, at the right temperature, is much more nutritious than any substitute, and helps build the baby's immune system and prevent allergies. The opportunity to bond with the child while feeding is also something not to be m (MORE)

Why is it better to feed a baby with breast milk?

Mostly because it's the food nature designed to feed human infants. The mom also passes on certain immunities to her infant through breast milk. The colostrum secreted before the milk actually comes in helps mature the newborn's gut. It contains the right percentage of fat for the baby. It's right t (MORE)

Why is breast milk good for babies?

Breastmilk overall is a healthier choice and contains natural ingredients, that are not just supplements found in formula. Breastfeeding has also been proven to reduce the risk of babies developing allergies. Breastfeeding can also reduce the number of and severity of conditions such as ear infectio (MORE)

Do women have to use a breast pump to nurse a baby?

Yes! Without the use of a breast pump the milk can and will dry up...not good. Pumping encourages more production, so pump and feed and pump. take a break. feed, pump, feed. pump, feed, pump. feed, pump, feed.. you get the idea.

When should breast milk come in?

Colostrum, the liquid that is so full of nutrients, antibodies, etc. and is so vital for newborns, usually lasts about the first two weeks and begins immediately--breast milk follows that for as long as you keep breastfeeding and drink enough fluids.

Can you get breast milk without having a baby?

A woman can start lactating without becoming pregnant. This process is called induced lactation. Many women have done this when planning for adoption of an infant. This process involves stimulation of the nipples multiple times a day for a period of weeks. This stimulation usually in the form of a b (MORE)

Do you give your baby breast milk if your sick?

As long as you are no taking any medication that may be harmful to your baby (ask your doctor or pharmacist) you should continue to breastfeed if you are sick. Your baby will see the benefit of this because you will pass on precious antibodies to your child as your body fights your illness, which gi (MORE)

What do babies receive through breast milk?

-The very best supply of quality nutrition that is tailor made for the individual child tuned into the child's growing and changing needs. -Antibodies that are free and safe and again made to order for the needs of the young life. -Emotional connection with the most important person in the baby' (MORE)

You have an 18 day old yorkie puppy He is not nursing How much puppy milk replacer should you give the puppy and how often?

First of all, you need to ask yourself why is the pup not nursing? Try taking out all the other pups and just leave in the one who is not nursing and see if he will nurse then. If not, then you should take that pup to your Vet to make sure he is ok health wise before you do anything else. Make sure (MORE)

What happens to breast milk supply if you get pregnant while nursing?

If this were to happen you would continue to produce milk, as normal. Your first baby would continue to receive the same milk as normal. However, immediately after the second baby is born the milk will return to colostrum (the very thick first milk for new born babies) for a few days in order to giv (MORE)

What do you do when your breast milk isn't satisfying the baby?

I assume by not satisfying the baby you mean you are questioning if your child is getting enough milk. There are three things to watch. The first is proper breast feeding technique. If you have any question about this, get the counsel of a good lactation consultant. She can help coach you through th (MORE)

What symptons do babies have when they are allergic to breast milk?

Sickness, diahrrea (or however its spelled...) maybe a rash. Its not usually the breast milk itself that causes the allergy but its an allergy to something the mother has eaten. Traces of this are passed on to the baby through the milk. If you can work out what it is and the mother stops eating it s (MORE)

How often should my dog be nursing her puppies?

The first 4 days are the most critical for nursing. New born puppies must receive the vital colostrum milk within 12 hours, so that natural immunities are passed from mother to pup, but is most effective in the first couple of hours of birth. After this pups should be feeding roughly every 2 hours (MORE)

How does breast milk help a baby?

Breast milk passes on the immunity to diseases etc that the mother has built up over her lifetime. Additionally, it is nutritionally better than 'formula' milk.

When can you start pumping breast milk?

When colostrum comes in during late pregnancy, your nipples can leak it. However, you should NOT pump before you are considered full term, as pumping simulates breastfeeding, which in turn causes your uterus to contract. The contraction of the uterus by way of nipple stimulation (breastfeeding/pumpi (MORE)

What should you not do with breast milk?

You should not consume breast milk (unless an infant) or any of the following actions: cook, clean, store for more than one week in a refrigerator, keep for more than 10 hours at room temp and do not microwave it.

How often do baby rabbits nurse?

Baby bunnies, called "kits", nurse only once, or twice a day. Don't worry if you don't see the doe,(mommy rabbit), nursing them. They often nurse when your not around. The doe also nurses standing up, they don't nurse laying down like a dog or cat.

How long does it take to breast pump milk?

Generally speaking you want to pump every 2 to 3 hours for fifteen minutes at a time. Many exclusively pumping moms find that their breast milk supply will drop over time. If it does you will want to use something like Breastea. Then just keep pumping 15 minutes at a time.

How can you maintain your breast milk supply for your baby?

Nurse, nurse, nurse! It is all about supply and demand, the more baby nurses, the more your body will make. If you think your supply is low, just nurse more. Babies get fussy a lot, it does not indicate that you are not making enough milk. So long as babe is having lots of wet diapers, then you are (MORE)

How can you get milk from a woman breast without baby?

A woman can certainly do this. This process is called inducedlactation. Do a quick search on the web and you will find a greatdeal of information about it. Most of the process involved ininducing lactation is stimulating the woman's breast by means of abreast pump 6 to 8 times a day. From what I hav (MORE)

Can breast milk be given if the babies mother is not there?

A breastfeeding mother can use a breast pump to express milk, which can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days, or in a freezer for 6 months. this can be fed to the baby from a bottle or cup, although some babies are reluctant to drink from a bottle or cup if they are used to breastfeeding.

What is the best for baby a breast milk or industrial milk?

Breast milk is always best - as it contains natural nutrients, andantibodies to boost the baby's immune system. Formula - is onlyintended as a substitute - for use when breast-feeding is notpractical, not as a full-time replacement !