How old are chickens when slaughtered?

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Chickens are very fast growing and sexually mature by the age of 6 months. Most chickens are slaughtered for consumption at between 30 days and 6 months of age. The chickens are usually between 4 and 5 pounds by this age and marketed as a "Fryer" or "Broiler". This is when the meat is the most tender.

Exceptions to this are chickens marketed as "Cornish Game Hens" which may be as young as 25 days old, "Roasting" chickens which are slightly over 6 months, and "spent layers" which are usually slaughtered at one or two years of age.

"Spent Layers" are hens that have been laying eggs for consumption. They are slaughtered usually at the end of their first egg laying cycle when their production slows down. Occasionally such birds are kept for a second laying cycle but they will produce fewer eggs in the second cycle. The meat of a "spent layer" is marketed in such ready made items as chicken noodle soup and chicken pot pies.

If a chicken is privately owned they can continue to lay eggs for many years.

Occasionally a diseased or poor quality chicken is slaughtered. This process is called culling.
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What age should you slaughter chicken?

If the chickens are Broilers (bred for the table) they will be fast growing and ready to kill atabout six to eight weeks. You will find that cockrells grow faster than poulets

What is the best way to slaughter a chicken?

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Chickens are slaughtered for consumption. Chicken meat is the most widely eaten meat in the world. Many people raise chickens to eat. Slaughtering them is a pretty easy proces

How old are broiler chickens when are slaughtered?

Most broilers are processed between 4 and 6 weeks of age depending on the body weight desired. 4.5 lbs is a targetweight but some processors prefer a higher finishing weight a
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Can chickens be slaughtered at 6 weeks?

Yes some meat birds can meet the required weight at this age. Most birds this young are fattened for use as "cornish" hen and Poussin which are less than 28 days old at slaugh
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What to feed a chicken before slaughtering?

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Do women slaughter chicken?

Women do slaughter chickens every day. Women work in chickenslaughterhouses. In the past, women have slaughter chickens on thefamily farm.