How old does furniture have to be to be considered an antique?

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The rules have changed over the years and vary if different countries. It used to be Pre 1885, but later the 100 year rolling rule came in for Customs and Tax purposes. More latterly the term Antique is often applied to furniture from "a by-gone era".
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How do you clean old wax build-up on antique furniture?

Answer . There are many good "wax stripping" products out on the market so go to your local hardware store and ask for help there. Get them to explain how you use it and how much to use. It can be a long process, but certainly worth it. Be sure you do this project outside because the fumes can (MORE)

How do you create an antique look for your furniture?

Answer . ..for bare wood, unfinished or stripped furniture, stain it the desired color and put on 2 coats of shellac, (fine steel wool before 2nd coat), then a coat of paste wax..this is authentic looking, though it requires periodic waxing and wont hold up to water rings from drink glasses.\n..a (MORE)

How do you restore antique furniture decals?

Answer . preservation may be the correct term to this subject. I will block out the area of the decal with masking tape and brush on a layer oe ordinary wood glue. Lay a section of plastic ( kitchen plastic, bread wapper, etc) block press it down for 12 to 24 hours, and finish over the top alon (MORE)

How do you identify antique Moravian furniture?

Pa. Moravian furniture that I have seen is almost always made of Walnut and is built to last forever. The use of many different types of LARGE dovetaling and mortise and tendons makes these pieces nearly in-destructable. Secondary woods primarily poplar, and backboards of either white oak, ash or ch (MORE)

Is Grand Rapids antique furniture worth anything?

Some Grand Rapids made furniture is quite valuable, depending on who designed it, etc. George Nakashima designed some modern furniture for the John Widdicomb company in Grand Rapids which is quite valuable. A pair of side tables sold for $2,000 each. Anything associated with Nakashima is likely to h (MORE)

Is a Baikal IJ27E considered an antique?

No, Russian firearms are tough, even if sometimes are regarded as "ugly" or "antique". Under US firearms laws, an antique firearm is legally defined as being made prior to 1-1-1898, OR a firearm of any age that uses loose powder and shot- such as a muzzleloader. This Russian shotgun dates from ABO (MORE)

How old is an antique?

Antiques are generally items at least 50 to 70 years, which wereconstructed during an earlier set of manufacturing processes.Typically they are items no longer being produced in the samequality or design. Some antiques are many hundreds of years old. --- In the US, the Internal Revenue Service class (MORE)

Where is the serial number located on antique furniture?

Nowhere! Serial number apply only to articles produced in quantity, their purpose is for traceability and identification. Serial numbers are a very modern thing, a sure way of telling that you have a fake and not an antique.

What is the best way to clean antique furniture?

It would depend upon what the original finish is. If the item has been merely wax polished and has gradually built up an age patina, then you could damage the patina, and hence value of the item, with over-zealous cleaning. If the item was French polished (19th century and later), then the piece wil (MORE)

How do you find the value of antique furniture?

You buy a copy of "The price guide to Antique Furniture" published by the Antique Collector's Club. Or, you photograph your pieces and digitally send the photos to an auction house or good quality antiques dealer. preferably a BADA member.

What do the serial numbers on antique Drexel furniture mean?

I only know about the Declaration line, but from what I have read and seen in original catalogs, the set of numbers with hyphens is the product number. I believe the first 3 digits define the set it belongs to (bedroom, dining room, etc), the middle 3 the specific piece (end table, hutch, etc) but I (MORE)

How can you get old furniture i love furniture?

Antique shops will carry old furniture (some of the best antique shops are small ones or out of the way shops); Estate auctions (the Estate does not have to be from a wealthy Estate) or often garage sales one can pic up old furniture for a few dollars if they have the patience.

Is an antique gun considered a firearm?

That depends on which law(s) you're looking at. Under federal gun laws about the buying and selling of firearms from federally-licensed gun dealers and transferring guns across state lines, no, an antique made before 1898 or a blackpowder, non-cartridge using replica of such an antique is not a "fir (MORE)

Are there any antique furniture shops in Hattiesburg MS?

Yes, there are various antique furniture shops in and around Hattiesburg, MS. The easiest way to find out the pertinent information you need such as contact information and location would be to consult the local yellow pages for the city.

How expensive is antique furniture?

Antique furniture tends to be on the more expensive side, depending on how old it is and who manufactured the furniture. To get a good deal on antique furniture it is best to visit an antique store or flea market to get the most out of your money.

Is it worth it to refurbish antique furniture?

It would defiantly be worth it to refurbish antique furniture. Antiques are wonderful historical artifacts that remind us how our ancestors lived. The only reason not to refurbish would be if the furniture was so damaged that it could not be repaired.

Can you use bleach to clean antique furniture?

No, that is the worse thing to use. Use a good wood cleaner and it will shine it as it cleans. For upholstery, you would want to get a professional to clean it. If the fabric is not historic, you can try cleaning it yourself--but not with bleach. There are other cleaners out there that are not as (MORE)

How can antique furniture benefit your home?

Antique furniture may support the human body and is considered a form of decorative art, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose and works to create a comfortable and convenient interior spaces.

Where can a collector find antique wardrobes and bedroom furniture online?

A good place for looking for antique wardrobes and bedroomfurniture online is a sit called PRELOVED. Its packed full ofantique wardrobes and bedroom furniture. FabFurnish is a good store when it comes to antique and bedroomfurnitures..It ships only in India...the products are reliable andis of reaso (MORE)

How to appraise the value of Chinese antique furniture?

at the moment, i think it is not easier for western people tounderstand the values without background and culture backgroundlived in China, but the only way is to find an expert local chinesepeople. i do ask the value of my chinese furniture inherited frommy grandfather, you can reach mr. Royal in S (MORE)

Which furniture stores sell antiques?

There are antique shops in most cities that specifically deal in antiques. You can also check your local pawn shops to see if anyone has pawned their antiques. Major furniture chains will not likely sell any antiques, because they are no longer in production and can only be marked for pricing indi (MORE)

Where can one obtain antique bookshelf furniture?

Antique bookshelves can be obtained from a number of places. One place to find an antique bookshelf would be to peruse local antiques stores. Another would be to visit yard sales or flea markets.

Where can ornate antique furniture be purchased?

Antique furniture of all types can be found by visiting your local antiques shop. Another common place to find antique furniture is through an auction. Both online auction websites and offline auctions like fundraisers and estate sales commonly feature old furniture.

Where can one purchase antique bedroom furniture?

Typically, the purchase of authentic antique bedroom furniture comes from actual antique stores in local areas. In rare instances, sites on the web like Overstock, Wayfair, and eBay may have these items for sale.

How does one best care for antique oak furniture?

It is best to determine what type of finish has been used on oak furniture. There are two main types of finishes - soft - which entails a soft wax like substance that has been rubbed in to the grain of the wood, or a hard finish which is a hard and glossy lacquer or varithane finish. It is always (MORE)

Where are some antique furniture stores in NJ?

There are several towns in New Jersey that have antique furniturestores. Stonehouse Antiques, located in Morris County. SomervilleAntiques is the Largest store in New Jersey. Mount Holly, Hope andLabertville all have antique furniture stores as well. I would like to recommend Mastercrafts Upholster (MORE)

How can you produce antique furniture?

You can produce a reproduction of antique furniture, but the wordantique implies that it is both original and old. There are manystaining and painting techniques to make something look old.

What do you consider an antique?

The dictionary definitions are purposelyvague. A definition on Google notes anantique is "a collectible object, such as a piece of furniture or work of artthat has a high value because of its considerable age." ( As all dictionary definition (MORE)