How old does furniture have to be to be considered an antique?

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The rules have changed over the years and vary if different countries. It used to be Pre 1885, but later the 100 year rolling rule came in for Customs and Tax purposes. More latterly the term Antique is often applied to furniture from "a by-gone era".
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How do you clean old wax build-up on antique furniture?

Answer . There are many good "wax stripping" products out on the market so go to your local hardware store and ask for help there. Get them to explain how you use it and h

How do you create an antique look for your furniture?

Answer . ..for bare wood, unfinished or stripped furniture, stain it the desired color and put on 2 coats of shellac, (fine steel wool before 2nd coat), then a coat of past

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How do you identify antique Moravian furniture?

Pa. Moravian furniture that I have seen is almost always made of Walnut and is built to last forever. The use of many different types of LARGE dovetaling and mortise and tendo
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How expensive is antique furniture?

Antique furniture tends to be on the more expensive side, depending on how old it is and who manufactured the furniture. To get a good deal on antique furniture it is best to
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How old must a car be to considered an antique?

On the average, though, for a car to be considered a "Classic Car" it must be at least 25 years old, and 50 years old for it to be considered an "Antique Car".
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Which furniture stores sell antiques?

There are antique shops in most cities that specifically deal in antiques. You can also check your local pawn shops to see if anyone has pawned their antiques. Major furnitu
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What do you consider an antique?

The dictionary definitions are purposelyvague. A definition on Google notes anantique is "a collectible object, such as a piece of furniture or work of artthat has a high val