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How old is a giant panda in panda years if its thirty-seven years old in human years?

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there is no such thing as 'panda years' so it is just 37
maby it's a smaller number but I think it is 37 so stick with this for now
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How old are cats in human years?

Do NOT use the dog years formula. Cats age more quickly in the first years of their lives. The first year of a cats life is about fifteen years. the second year is about ten

How old is a dragon in human years?

In human years, a dragon is five years older than in dragon years.  For example, if a dragon is 2, then in human years the dragon is 7.

How old is a 15 year old dog in human years?

7 dog years is equal to 1 human year so 15 dog years is about 2 years and like 2-3 months old. Unless you were trying to say that the dog is 15 human years then it would be 10

How old can giant pandas get?

Scientists have not been able to determine the lifespan of Giant Pandas in the world, but they have been known to live to 35 years in captivity.

How old is a seven year old rabbit in human years?

Actually your bunny is around 65 years human. A 6 month old doe rabbit is equal to a 15-18 year old female human. (Old enough to have a baby but really waitng a couple of more

How old is a rabbit in human years?

I would imagine that sense a rabbit will live for around 10 years if kept healthy, then so that could be 100 years for a human, so them 1 year of a bunny would be 10 in human

How old do you think is each Kung Fu Panda character in human years?

i think that they do count in human years   Po:31, Tigress: about 30, Viper: about 28, Mantis: about 30, Crane:  about 29, Monkey: about 30, Shifu: about 90 or 80, Oogway