How old is a single barrel single shot hammerr action Winchester model 12?

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There is no such thing as a Winchester "single barrel single shot hammer action model 12"
The Winchester Model 12 is a slide-action (pump) repeating shotgun.
The only Winchester model that I can think of that remotely resembles your description is a Model 1885 falling block (lever actuated) single shot with an external exposed hammer. All of them were made in 20 gauge, with a 26" long nickel steel barrel. The upper tang (right behind the hammer) will be marked as follows; "PAT. OCT 7th 79."
If that is what you have, please look on the lower tang (behind the lever) for the serial number and let me know what it is. With it, I can determine when it was made.
Bert H.

Bert H.
I have a 20 gauge Winchester with the PAT. OCT 7TH 79. The number you asked about on my gun is 98450. Can you assist me with any information about the gun. Approximately what year it was made and I know it is hard to place a value site unseen, but can you tell me if the gun is something that would be of interest to anyone? Thank you. Gary Burgess

Hello Gary,

The serial number on your Model 1885 is not correct (original) for a 20 GA. high-wall shotgun. In fact, serial number 98450 was originally a 1st variation Winder Musket in 22 L.R., manufactured in March of 1905.

The 20 GA. high-wall shotgun was introduced in 1913 at circa serial number 113,000. I suspect that the lower tang (which is removable) on your Model 1885 was swapped out of an earlier vintage gun. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me at
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