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The youngest surviving baby was 21 weeks, 5 days. As to the youngest to be born, that depends on your definition of "baby".
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What is a premature baby?

  A baby is considered premature when they are born before 37 weeks gestation.

Why are babies born prematurely?

There are many reasons.   One of the most common is that the mother has pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure, protein in the urine, swollen extremities) and the only way to c

Do most premature babies die?

Alot do, but the survival rate in recent years has been increasing. It depends on how premature the baby is. If its 5-6 months its greatly decreased. But if its within a month

Why are babies premature?

Baby's are premature because the don't get enough time to develop(grow) and they don't always get as much oxygen as needed.   If u have any questions email me at daydre

What is the worlds most premature baby to survive?

I have an adopted daughter who was just 24 weeks gestation at birth. She survived and in fact thrives and is beautiful at 9 years old now. So that being 9 years ago, perhaps t

Premature baby how can it survive?

Premature babies have to over come a lot of obstacles depending on how early he/she was born. In the NICU they have incubators that keep the baby warm so they can maintain a n

What is a premature baby and how it can survive?

A premature baby is an infant born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Often, the cause of preterm delivery is unknown and not within the mother's control. Sometimes it's caused by

What does it mean if you dream you have a baby premature?

Dreams about pregnancy and having a baby are usually about some project or task that the dreamer is trying to develop or bring to completion. When the dream is about a prematu
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Do premature babies have endocrine issues?

Yes, premature infants will have low blood sugar that is when they are born they will be given intravenous fluid of D5 water and infused with d50 water to keep their sugar up.