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How quickly should your penis erect?

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Some guys are up in seconds, some take a minute or two. It all depends on how aroused you are.
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What should you do if you're 13 and your penis curves down at a 90-degree angle when erect?

  Answer   i have never heard of that. i do think you should see a doctor   Answer   I agree, see a doctor.     There is a condition called Peyronie's

What to do if you have no penis erection?

Go see a doctor ASAP. Don't waste time researching the issue online or buying erectile products of questionable value. Your doctor can prescribe the appropriate drug(s) or tre

How do you get your penis erect?

if you would want to get your penis erect all you can do is either watch some porn read sex magazines masturbate jerk off touch a sex mate thats all a man can doo to gat their

How do you get your penis erected?

  The best and most effective way is to see something that excites your sexual side. EX. sex   The second best way is to play with it. EX. masturbate

You are 13 and your penis is 14 cm non erect should you be worried?

wow,you are an idiot. No, you shouldn't be worried. You may not have begun puberty yet and no matter how small it is flacid, it is the erect size that matters. Many men with l
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Does your penis have to stand erect when erected?

Depends on what you mean by stand. But the point in having an erection is for the penis to stand up and get hard for the purposes of having sex.