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How quickly should your penis erect?

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Some guys are up in seconds, some take a minute or two. It all depends on how aroused you are.
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Should you taste the semen which spurts from your erect penis?

Well of course, it's entirely up to you! A few things to remember: . Unless something is very badly wrong (OK, such as a sexually transmitted disease), your semen (as

How do you erect quickly the penis?

Touching it and thinking about something sexy usually works or better still get someone you fancy to touch it.

Why is your peni erect?

when you get external excitement, for example a beautiful girl sit on your lap, then your penis will erect. This is because human got the sexual needs and this is normal. if p

In the anatomic position of the body why should the penis be erect in males?

In the anatomic position, they say the penis is erect, but because of any sexually related reason. When they were deciding which structures would be called dorsal or ventral,

How do you get your penis erect?

if you would want to get your penis erect all you can do is either watch some porn read sex magazines masturbate jerk off touch a sex mate thats all a man can doo to gat their

How does the penis get erect?

Your penis is made of tissues. When you become aroused, your brain tells blood vessels to fill the tissues of the penis with blood, which forms an erection.

What should be cercumference of a teen's erect penis?

Penises like guys come in all shapes and sizes. And, just because a guy is tall or big doesn't mean he's got a big one. Some short guys are very "hung". Lots of guys discre

How big should a 14 year old's erect penis be?

The average teenage erect penis is around 4.5 - 5.5 inches. The average adult erect penis is around 5 - 6.5 inches. There is no "should be" size. Everybody is different.

Should penis head come out of the covering on full erection?

In most men, the penis head (glans) usually emerges from the covering (foreskin) on full erection. (There is no "should", some men are happy for it never to emerge fully.) I